Enhance Your Business Processes With BPM And Workflow Management Systems

Companies across a variety of industries including manufacturing, government, finance and insurance tend to use process management software. It happens not without a good reason – after all, what business wouldn’t benefit from the software designed to slash paper-based processes, cut out extraneous steps and minimize the number of errors? When you find your business […]

Agile Working Processes At Azati

Delivering a  software solution that satisfies the customer is a top priority for any software company. For this, it’s not enough just to have skillful developers, as it’s no less crucial to have the whole development process managed effectively. But how to manage a software project effectively?  Surely, it is an open question. Under different […]

6 Ways Machine Learning Is Changing Healthcare

Machine learning is changing the way we live, impacting everything from the tech industry to agriculture, insurance, banking, and marketing. One of the domains where machine learning is having the most significant impact is healthcare. Machine learning applications in healthcare essentially combines the processing power of millions of human minds to accelerate and reinvent such […]

Sugarcrm To Suitecrm Migration

SuiteCRM, officially announced in Dec 2013, quickly gained attention by claiming to be free from business models that pervert the core precepts of open source. It happened after SugarCRM announced that they would not be releasing any new code to the Community Edition and support for Community Edition would end in Q2 2015. SugarCRM Community […]