Azati Team Wins The ‘War of the Bots’


On September 30, 2017 the “War of the Bots” took place. It was organised by Anadea together with Grodno Branch of the Hi-Tech Park of Belarus. In the stout fight the Azati team became the winner of the local tournament, and took a second place in the country. The participants have enjoyed competing with other teams, with technical requirements of the battlefield and with the training bot.

There was only one problem statement in the challenge – the game for which participants had to write a bot. Teams were given a game and they had to write a bot that would play that game against other bots. The bot had to adhere to the rules of the game given in the problem statement, and play against the other bot. The bot that won the tournament will be declared the winner.

It was impressive to see the competitors follow along and create such advanced level bots within such a short time frame. The teams built their bots in a couple of hours using C#, Go, Java, PHP, Python languages, and then the bots battled head to head in a tournament. The first three teams from each city represented their region in the final battle, where Azati team took the honorable second place.

Chatbots are all the rage these days. The recent advances in NLP, AI and ML and focus on better customer interaction have led to a growing number of businesses and startups using chatbots to provide a more personalized experience. Battle of the bots was an event aimed at fuelling this growth while building bots capable of understanding natural language.

About Azati

Azati is an IT consulting and software development company based in the United States and Eastern Europe. Azati serves clients in multiple industries, including advertising, marketing, biotechnology, financial, insurance, and other fields. Azati stays on the cusp of advanced information technology trends, including artificial intelligence and neural networking, but without abandoning the more traditional needs of its clients, such as web and mobile development and systems integration.


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