DevOps Engineer

We are looking for a passionate engineer with DevOps thinking and knowledge of English.

We expect that DevOps Engineer will not only be involved in the administration and maintenance of services, but also participate in the development along with other team members.



  • Automation of infrastructure tasks;
  • Interaction with the development team and solving emerging problems on DevOps processes;
  • Implementation and maintenance of DevOps processes on projects;
  • Analysis and refinement of ready-made CI / CD solutions;
  • Monitoring system and solution performance.



  • Experience in administering OS Unix-like and Windows;
  • Experience in administering Web and Application servers (nginx, Apache, Tomcat, etc);
  • Database Administration Experience;
  • Experience with Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes;
  • Experience with git, svn;
  • Experience with GitLab-CI, Jenkins;
  • Understanding CI / CD;
  • Experience with AWS;
  • Knowledge of English (from intermediate);
  • Knowledge of scripting languages (bash, sh, perl).



  • Experience with TeamCity;
  • Experience with Docker Swarm;
  • Experience with Google Cloud, Azure, Alibaba;
  • Experience with Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Terraform;
  • Knowledge of any programming language.

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