Sugarcrm To Suitecrm Migration

SuiteCRM, officially announced in Dec 2013, quickly gained attention by claiming to be free from business models that pervert the core precepts of open source. It happened after SugarCRM announced that they would not be releasing any new code to the Community Edition and support for Community Edition would end in Q2 2015. SugarCRM Community […]

Top 4 Automations For Insurance

Just imagine how wonderful it is to see the processes automated in such a way, that the work would not stop once it has entered the pipeline! Think about golden opportunities that decent automation opens up, such as higher customer service and satisfaction levels, faster throughput, fact-based decisions, enhanced communications and many more. With better […]

Search Engine Algorithm Improvement

OVERVIEW An employment platform is designed to help recruiters and job seekers in the IT community find each other. The platform has two types of users: recruiters and job candidates. Each candidate’s profile includes the necessary data, such as personal information, education, work experience, skills, contact details, etc. While looking for a candidate, a recruiter […]

Choosing An Enterprise Portal Solution

Every growing business faces a challenge of choosing an enterprise portal solution and integrating it with business processes. Most of the time a team responsible for launching an enterprise portal inside an organization comes to a question: which features are important for your organization? Modern enterprise portal solutions are so rich with functionality, that it […]