Machine Learning In Bioinformatics: 4 Challenges To Solve In 2020

Machine Learning is not a new technology. However, the successful implementations of machine learning systems we can see only today. That article describes the possibilities of machine learning in the bioinformatics industry. Artificial intelligence in general and machine learning, in particular, helps scientists to process data more accurately, and finally deliver the results faster. Azati […]

Disease Prediction And Classification With Artificial Neural Networks

Artificial Intelligence and its subfields are used pervasively across almost all industries. And it’s no wonder; AI-based solutions possess some advantages unheard of before, such as the ability to educate themselves over time, reduced error rate and more. Artificial neural networks are a subfield of AI that could transform healthcare in some ways. But first, […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Machine Learning For Real Estate

Buying or selling a dwelling is a heavy financial and emotional undertaking. But today’s digital era makes this process accurate, streamlined and automated. Real estate has traditionally been slow to embrace the emerging trends, but things are starting to change. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in real estate can bring tangible benefits to all parties […]