Javabb Is Dead! Here Are The Popular Forum Software Alternatives

Let’s have a closer look at JavaBB. It is a forum engine built with Java, explicitly developed to build online communities. This application was built with Hibernate, Velocity, Apache Lucene, and MySQL. Products included advanced forum features like Flood control, Watch topic, IP logging system, Custom config files, Sticky posts, BBcodes, Language files, Admin panel, etc. PhpBB inspired the functionality, and the application’s last release was announced on 2013-03-08.

And well, we admit that the project is dead right now and won’t receive any updates. Let us introduce the most popular forum software you can use instead of JavaBB.


PhpBB is a flexible forum platform that permits you to make public boards where visitors may post engaging messages. You can create as many message boards as you would like, as soon as you’ve got a forum set up. This application easily handles thousands of users, especially if it is using a high-end hosting service.

Alongside with some basic features, phpBB lets users use extensions and custom BBCodes to add new features to the website. There are hundreds of free extensions available on the market for the use, which enable almost any functionality you may want to add.

PhpBB comes with an enhanced theming system, which you may use to change the look of a forum. Your customers will get hundreds of options for customizing articles and their profiles. As phpBB is developed with PHP – an experienced web developer familiar with popular CMS can easily customize it.


MyBB (also known as MyBulletinBoard) is another popular forum platform based on PHP. It is available to all users absolutely free under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). It is a popular alternative to phpBB and shares a huge number of features that almost all forum engines have. MyBB is a stable application that easily handles an impressive number of simultaneous requests, and has easy to use an installer.

The features of this software include private messages, administration and moderation, a reputation system, calendar, and events editor. It can handle administration tasks in the background using a job scheduling system. The engine can automatically punish users for abusive behavior like spam or message flooding.

MyBB does not offer the same number of extensions as phpBB, but still is a customizable solution. It is famous for its user community. You can easily find various resources and informative articles at the forums and on the project website. So, the expanding of application functionality is not a problem even for a novice in web development not familiar with PHP.


Simple Machines Forum (SMF) is a free and professional grade forum engine which permits a complete novice to set up an online community in the shortest terms and without fuss. Its custom forum engine puts the user in control of the message board’s design and lets a user easily interact with other community members. It’s designed to offer an administrator all the features a typical user expects from a bulletin board.

Simple Machine Forum suits your needs if a user wants to get customizable themes and personalized internal modules. There also is a useful option – it can provide subscription services to community members.

SMF is an entirely scalable forum engine and acceptable both for large and small communities. This project also includes proper documentation and is known for community support. Simple Machines Forum is very similar to phpBB. What sets this solution is the flexibility of themes and their modules.

Simple Machines Forum uses a package manager which makes upgrading and installing modules a stroll in the park. Plus, it delivers the most extensive selection of themes and plugins you can find for forum software.


vBulletin is a paid forum engine developed by vBulletin Solutions Inc. Interesting fact, this solution powers over 40,000 online communities worldwide. It provides users with an easy to use User Interface that can help beginners to build engaging community design from scratch with customizable design templates. vBulletin is written in PHP and uses the MySQL database server. It is a beginner’s friendly engine so that you can build your community when you are on the move.

vBulletin offers its users feature-rich, secure, and easy to use forum programs. The license cost depends on whether you need any add-ons or not. vBulletin is superior forum software that’s the choice of top-notch websites.

Some main features of vBulletin: unlimited hierarchy and thread subscription, BBCodes, embed HTML, preview mode, unlimited moderators and administrators, custom avatars, super moderators, task scheduler, user CSS support, powerful templating system, etc.


Sometimes you don’t need to use a solution that offers hundreds of features. That does not mean FluxBB lacks features. It offers all the basics you want to set up messaging boards, along with plenty of moderation options. FluxBB delivers a fantastic experience if you would like to use a simple platform with no frills.

FluxBB is designed as a lighter alternative to some of the conventional forum software. It’s easy to use and contains many features like selectable design panel plugins, read subject tracking, topic and forum subscription, post preview, and more.

FluxBB is another free and open source forum software platform that may be a substitute for forum software programs that are heavy, and it is lighter and quicker. It is easy to use, and it has a history of logins and is quite stable.


So, we described a few of the most popular forum software which can help you to reach significant results in your business. We hope that this short article helped you find an alternative to JavaBB to build a new online community. JavaBB won’t get any updates soon, so you probably should not rely on it, although there is a huge number of dangerous exploits that can potentially harm your ecosystem.

Dozens of other solutions can help you in this or that way – just make research.

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