Life Sciences

In more than 15 years, Azati has been focused on creating, developing and maintaining life sciences platform.
During this time, we have gained deep domain knowledge and priceless experience.



Software Development

Over the years Azati has been developing software for its clients. We can build any system, process, functionality or user experience you need. We develop for Web, Mobile, Desktop, or a combination of all three.

Big Data & Analysis

Take your approach to Big Data a step further with Azati. We may greatly contribute to your business by utilizing cutting-edge technologies on your project. Our team excel at the spheres of importance in Life Sciences R&D – Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Statistics and Biostatistics, Database Management, Search, and Analysis.


We develop sophisticated algorithms to allow professionals to conduct researches of different types: biological search, compare and search for specific genetic codes as well as bibliographical information searches.

Intelligent Raw Data Processing

Our platform manipulates data to produce valuable information to the clients. Artificial intelligence algorithms are used to convert raw data in a comprehensive, presentable and understandable structure. Properly constrained, filtered and selected data signifies that it was transformed into meaningful information.

Improve the understanding and representation of your big data analyses results with the corresponding images, diagrams or animations. We can develop convenient visualization tools to provide both descriptive and human-friendly way of data representation.

Our major aspiration is to use our unrivalled experience to help specialists acquire precious biological knowledge.
We assist biologists and scientists of other life sciences branches in that we supply them with the tools they need.