Life sciences are essential

By having applications in health, agriculture, medicine, pharmaceutical, food and other industries they considerably improve the quality and standard of our lives. Technology is rightly considered the driving force behind the prominent advances achieved in these spheres. Thus, now more than ever before should life sciences converge with technology.

Multiple branches of life sciences have experienced rapid growth. However, as with other young disciplines, they now face a host of critical challenges. To accelerate further progress in the fields, Azati Life Science platform aims at successfully addressing these key challenges



Incomplete and piecemeal tools with poor usability, failing to entirely satisfy the requirements

We offer comprehensive software solutions that would undeniably meet their end goals and ensure maximum usability across various devices and platforms.

Large datasets need to be competently handled: stored, processed and analyzed

We’ve developed a long term Big Data strategy that bears great promise in effectively creating a large variety of services: from data acquisition and data storage to data analysis. We address the challenge by utilizing Data Mining, Data cleansing and Master Data Management (MDM);  Machine Learning and Cloud Computing.

Various types of data gathered from multiple sources need to be correctly interpreted and analysed

Azati solves the problem by developing and implementing tools that enable efficient access to, use and management of various types of data.

Further growth is utterly impossible without the utilization and development of intelligent software. There is a strong need for the blending of domain expertise and good development skills to create new tools and provide valuable insights for better, faster, and more relevant solutions. Azati has all of the mentioned-above.

Our major aspiration is to use our unrivalled experience to help specialists acquire precious biological knowledge.

We assist biologists and scientists of other life science branches in that we supply them with the tools they need.