Our Clients Say We Deliver On Clutch


At Azati, we love building projects for our clients. There is nothing more exciting than to watch a project and company succeed. We want to be part of it and can help by developing great software. And now we know that our clients agree!


We are featured on Clutch, a ratings and reviews firm for IT companies worldwide that helps businesses assess the market and make a well-informed decision on who to partner with for their future IT projects. They highlight the best companies after a thorough internal assessment of their capabilities. They looked at our previous work, our services and our market presence. They also spoke with some of our clients to find out more about us. Reading their comments was definitely the most exciting part of the whole process!

We worked with SequenceBase, a company that produces a database of worldwide genetic patented genes. We helped develop algorithms to create a searchable website with a worldwide genetic database portal.

Their president said:

“They’re really easy to work with. I don’t have a lot of time to manage, so I only want to see the end result and they’re able to produce that with very little input on my part. Everything was delivered on time and within budget.”

He later added that it he was further impressed with our ability and willingness to work in bioinformatics – a field and industry we were unfamiliar with:

“They have the ability to learn a fairly complex subject very quickly. Bioinformatics is not an easy topic and there’s not very many people around. If they couldn’t have learned it, they couldn’t produce the end product. There’s very few people that have coding experience and are able to develop a web portal that would have a bioinformatics background. We continue to move forward as they enhance the product.”

We look forward to future projects and to gathering more reviews from our clients!

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