AI Platform

Conversational AI Platform is a powerful solution for chatbot development created by Azati. Make your customer interaction completely automated.


01. Live Chat

The conversational platform allows Azati to build highly automated live chats empowered by artificial intelligence. The main idea of the solution is to simplify interaction with the customers by providing answers according to a list of predefined intents and frequently asked questions.


02. Intent mapping


While chatting with a visitor, a human operator can manually determine new intent and add several variants of answers, which later used by a system to answer similar messages automatically. Such an approach helps to tailor the conversational platform to any industry or purpose.

03. Version Control

Machine learning extracts all the entities from the text string and correlates these entities to the existing intents to find the best suiting answer. If a customer is not satisfied with the quality of automated answers, it is easy to manually manage a list of intents and answers, or roll back to a previous versions.




It is easy to integrate the solution into any existing platform: a messenger, website, enterprise helpdesk, or something else. Azati develops custom connectors to interact with 3rd-party applications and APIs.

Pricing Model

There is no fixed price for using the platform. The final cost starts from zero and may vary according to many factors: the volume of processed messages, team involvement, integration scenarios, custom features, etc.


Azati understands the importance of data privacy and security for the enterprise. It is possible to deploy the instance of the platform to a corporate server to make it work without an internet connection as a self-hosted solution.


Our team respects the laws of the European Union, so the solution does not collect extra-data, and does not share any personal details with third-party companies. Also, all the data-processing servers are located in the EU.

Of Use

The platform has a user-friendly interface, even for a complete beginner, it takes less than 5 minutes to get into the workflow. No time or additional personnel training required to figure out how the solution works.


Azati provides access to specific services for the generation of canned answers, entities detection, connectors, web interface, etc. If you want to integrate some of the technologies into other applications, please contact us.


The bot helps you instantly collect property requirements, show available objects and schedule a meeting with the potential customer.

Customers instantly access their policy details, report a claim, choose optimal coverage, renew the policy, make policy adjustments, and pay for invoices via the bot.

Users check recent transactions, state of their budget, manage notifications, choose a saving plan, or personalized financial product.

The platform helps to showcase products, provide targeted offers, allow customers to order your goods and pay right in the bot, collect details of the order like color and size. Upsell of complementary items might be proactively offered here.

Schedule appointments and consultations, provide answers to frequently asked questions, send care guidelines to the patients, send alerts and notifications for prescription refills.

Book makeover appointments in stores, give product recommendations and beauty tutorials. The bot may look for the most suitable time within the calendar of the customer and makeup artist too.