SugarCRM to SuiteCRM Migration

SugarCRM to SuiteCRM Migration

SuiteCRM, officially announced in Dec 2013, quickly gained attention by claiming to be free from business models that pervert the core precepts of open source. It happened after SugarCRM announced that they would not be releasing any new code to the Community Edition and support for Community Edition would end in Q2 2015.

SugarCRM Community Edition users are faced to choose if they want to freeze their existing SugarCRM CE installation or take SuiteCRM offer to migrate. SuiteCRM proposed a painless migration tool, full compatibility with SugarCRM CE plugins and compatibility with custom functionality (as long as it has been developed using upgrade-safe methods).

SuiteCRM developed free to use extensions that enable users to access the functionality previously only available in the paid-for editions of SugarCRM Professional Edition. Which raises a question if SuiteCRM may also be of any interest for SugarCRM Professional Edition users?

The answer might be as easy as calculating the migration cost and comparing it to SugarCRM PE proprietary license costs. Those who did not accept the new raised SugarCRM PE license cost say that the migration to SuiteCRM was relatively straightforward and return on investment was measured in months. They did not experience loss of business critical functionality.

Some users highlight that they like investing into customizing their CRM to optimize integration with business processes rather than simply paying for a license. We did not find any evidence that end users required extensive training due to software change. A possible explanation to this fact is that currently SuiteCRM does not stand far from SugarCRM from the usability point of view since SuiteCRM started as a fork of the latest SugarCRM CE codebase.


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