Why Build PhoneGap Mobile App to Accompany Your Website

Why Build PhoneGap Mobile App to Accompany Your Website

There is still a lot of poorly designed websites on the internet that you cannot browse efficiently on a mobile. And as more and more people choose mobile as their primary device, the more business owners risk loosing traffic if they don’t take action.

Consider the following statistics:
70% of emails are opened first on a mobile and tablet devices.
65% of Facebook’s monthly active users are on mobile.
75% of Twitter’s active users are on mobile.

In short, it is clear for web publishers that growth is in mobile. The stats also say: 2 billion smartphone and tablet users today spend 85% of their time on their devices using mobile apps and only 15% – in a mobile browser.

Naturally, browsing a website from a mobile device is not always convenient. Building a separate mobile app to accompany your website is a great solution. Mobile app provides a much higher level of user experience than a mobile website. It can also provide your business an opportunity to be found on Apple App Store and Google Play. Thanks to mobile push notifications, mobile apps are the best retention tool currently available to businesses. Repeated visits and increased loyalty is guaranteed which is not an option with a built in browser. Consider it a newsletter subscription on steroids – open rates for push are close to 90%, not even comparable to email marketing efficiency!

By leveraging additional functionality available to mobile apps (geolocation, camera, microphone), PhoneGap technology allows your business to build a better communication channel with your clients. For example, geolocation, possibly combined with current time, allows targeting specific content or focus based on where your clients are.

Now imagine your business icon is one of the home-screen icons on your client mobiles.

If you don’t have a PhoneGap mobile app to complement your web presence, you’re missing on a huge opportunity to reach new and existing customers.


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