Why it is important to be GDPR compliant in 2020

The evolution of the Internet not only improved overall life quality but also offered new services that connected billions of people.  Users trust their personal data to companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon to feel unique digital experiences like online shopping, accurate and fast data lookups, and networking. Digital corporations process petabytes of personal information […]

Artificial Intelligence In Building And Construction

When IT-evangelists say “Artificial Intelligence”, people still imagine futuristic scenes from science fiction, and well, that’s not right. However, artificial intelligence is now more than just our imagination or movie scenes. Millions use AI-powered apps in day-to-day life and even don’t realize that. And what is more crucial, experienced marketers don’t make artificial intelligence the […]

Unstructured Data Analysis With Machine Learning

Data scientists divide data into three major groups: structured, semi-structured, and unstructured. Let’s have a closer look and find out how this data is different. As the name suggests, unstructured data is information that is not organized into a uniform format, and thus, it is hard to operate. Unstructured data can include text, images, video, and audio material. It is widely […]

Machine Learning For Predictive Maintenance

Introduction Over the past decade, the automation level both in enterprise sector and in small business has significantly increased. The monitoring and control systems have changed and become more complicated. Unfortunately, the monitoring methods didn’t change, as technologists and operators monitor processes identifying problems upon their occurrence. Such an approach is still relevant, but modern […]