Choosing an Enterprise Portal Solution

Choosing an Enterprise Portal Solution

Every growing business faces a challenge of choosing an enterprise portal solution and integrating it with business processes. Most of the time a team responsible for launching an enterprise portal inside an organization comes to a question: which features are important for your organization?

Modern portal solutions are so rich with functionality, that it is quite easy to get lost. We all know that the end users efficiently use only 10-20% of a modern portal software functionality.

Enterprise portal deeply integrate into existing organization’s infrastructure and works as a corporate “face” for other systems. A better approach might be to select an enterprise portal based on the current technology standards of your organization. In addition, a recommendation is to select the portal platform based on modern technology standards rather than proprietary ones. This will not only reduce time and costs of your enterprise portal project but also attract allies from the technical side.

In other words, if your enterprise ecosystem is based on SAP products, consider looking into SAP NetWeaver Portal. If your organization is a Java shop, mostly powered by modern technology standards, check Liferay, which can offer a lot of flexibility, strong standards enterprise level support. Since Liferay’s business model does not include license costs, many users prefer investing into optimizing their portal integration with business processes rather than simply paying for a license.

Besides the importance of the technology choice, the outcome of your enterprise portal initiative and its success is directly related to the user experience it provides for your users. Split portal users into groups and get experts from each group to support your enterprise portal project. Attracting these people early would help defining the major needs to the portal solution. You will be able to ask an enterprise portal integrator to present how these needs can be implemented within a portal solution.


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