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Creating and promoting an educational web-portal with the functions of video storage, CMS, e-Commerce, Online Payments, and CRM system.


As technology advances, online learning is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional face-to-face meetings for people of all ages and backgrounds. Thanks to the internet, there are now more options for learning to play an instrument than ever before. While many musicians still opt to attend in-person lessons, others are seeking out brand new ways to learn and improve their musical abilities.

818 Music Pro is a digital music teaching, collaboration, and publishing platform based in Los Angeles, USA.


If you or your child are learning an instrument for the first time, you’ll quickly learn that time is everything in music. The more structured and dedicated time students devote to practicing and developing their craft, the more skill and understanding they’ll develop on their instrument. Online lessons give students anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours more time to practice every week depending on how far away their local music store or studio is. Instead of commuting to lessons, students can spend that time warming up, learning something new, or covering material learnt in lessons.

The 818 Music Pro group offers unique content – drum lessons from some of the world’s greatest musicians.The client wanted to establish their online presence, so that the process of learning drum lessons is maintained in an easy and convenient way for people across the globe.


Azati developed a fully-functional web-portal with structured online drum lesson programs.

To meet the customer’s special requirement, we implemented a secure service to store high-resolution videos with the possibility of displaying them under the selected domains only.

The developed e-Commerce solution supports products and renewable web subscriptions with payments. We set up an international secure online Payment Processing System with the possibility to support recurring payments.

To enhance customer relations, improve internal communication, maximize selling and marketing we set up a CRM system.

The implemented design and functionality of the portal reconciled with the client’s needs and expectations. The whole project lasted 2 months, and in the result an attractive, modern, and expandable solution was promoted to the market.




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