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A portal for pet-service providers and customers interaction

Azati team helped the pet-tech European startup to develop a web-portal aimed to automatize pet services appointments and find necessary offers covering breeders needs in a few clicks.


The pet-tech industry has experienced exponential growth. Pet adoption rates have risen rapidly over the last years or so following the COVID-19 Pandemic. Statistics also show that the number of pet dogs is rising year to year — from 73M pet dogs in a household in 2010 to more than 92M in 2021.

This renewed interest has coincided with a flurry of growth within the pettech sector, spanning from health and wellbeing to hearty pet food diet plans and services such as dog sitters.

Mostly, such startups make it easier to get popular services, whether it’s dog walking, animal transportation, or making an appointment with a veterinarian.

Our customer is a European startup desiring to create one large web-platform where pet-owners can find the necessary service and providers can publish their offers.


Pet humanization is one of the global market drivers. Animals are an integral part of the family, so “urban parents” are looking for ways to keep them healthy, happy, and safe.

With more pets, there is also more pressure on veterinarians. They spend a lot of time on activities that have to deal with bureaucracy, instead of dedicating their hours to treating pets. So the customer wanted to create a perfect tool to digitize pet care.

The customer turned to Azati to create a portal to make pet’s and their “parent’s” life much easier. For example, to give the opportunity to book such services as grooming, walking, brushing teeth on the fly. The platform should also provide the opportunity to choose and purchase furry friends. Here, both customers and providers could register. Both types of users must subscribe to the portal in order to interact with each other via chat.

If we dig deeper, Azati’s responsibilities include:

  • Live-chat creation;
  • Stripe connection for subscriptions and payments;
  • Registration/authorization logic creation;
  • Content review for static pages;
  • Service connection to accurate functioning with mailing lists.


Challenge #1

The main and rather time-consuming issue was that our team was not involved to the project from the very beginning. First of all, this means that part of the project has already been completed by another developer. As a result, we faced the need to disassemble and fix previous code.

But, of course, our high-skilled team easily overcomes this challenge due to their comprehensive experience.

Challenge #2

The aesthetics of a web resource is closely intertwined with such an important phenomenon for the success of any web project as Internet marketing. The site promotion depends on the designer’s ability to graphically embody the web prospectors, ideas and strategies of the marketer. At the same time, the task is to strike a delicate balance between generally understood standardization and the search for a unique individuality of the image.

So, the second point was that the design was not agreed upon and completely approved. As a result, the developers have to spend additional time discussing some aspects of the front-end part.


Initially, we joined a related project of the same startup. So, based on the performance of our skillful engineers during the first project, we were also selected for further work on another client’s project – a PetTech one.

The development lifecycle was quite straightforward:

  1. Planning;
  2. Define the requirements;
  3. Design and prototyping;
  4. Development itself;
  5. Quality Assurance;
  6. Deployment;
  7. Maintenance.


The final solution is represented as a monolith. However, our developers added a microservice responsible for live chat.

This microservice allows users to communicate with each other and observe whether the interlocutor is online or not.

The monolith itself has been split into two main layers:

  • Backend part in the form of an API, written using Yii2 framework;
  • Front-end part written in VueJS framework to display content received from API.


The Azati team successfully completed the project. During our development cycle we solved the following tasks:

  • Changed the pages appearance;
  • Developed a full-fledged live chat for users;
  • Built a full user interaction during registration with the billing system (Stripe);
  • Formation of user subscriptions;
  • Setted correct interaction with all the functionality of the site with or without a subscription.





At the time when we transferred the final solution to the customer, all the necessary functionality of the software was implemented.

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