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API Development and Payment Gateway Integration for Online Store

Our team helped the well-known company develop a custom backend of an online store. Server-side part provides all the necessary functionality and meets General Data Protection Regulation requirements and recommendations.


Progress does not stand still and even the everyday things are becoming more technological. Modern lifestyle dictates its own rules: while going to studies or work, you would rather have several portable devices in your arsenal. Therefore, the role of portable chargers becomes more crucial, especially if it concerns long trips.

In 2015, inspired by a great number of travelers, the customer launched as Europe’s first direct-to-consumer travel brand for the next generation. Thriving on curiosity, creativity, and collaboration, they design smart luggage, backpacks, and accessories for your daily commute and your future long-haul trips.

The main feature of the customer’s product is the ability to charge your smartphone everywhere: on a plane, on a train, in a car. It is possible since the luggage has a built-in 10,000 mAh power supply, which shell is made of the material used in aviation and space technology.


Many users have long appreciated the benefits of an online store. Visiting such a store saves you from a long-standing problem – wasting time on trips to shopping centers. Now there is an excellent opportunity to shop without leaving your home. You can take your time to review the product, read in detail about its characteristics, compare prices on different sites, and make your choice.

An online store helps your business enhance the service quality, increase customer loyalty, and provide a convenient and round-the-clock selection of goods according to the required parameters.

The Customer hired Azati because he decided to create a custom online store from scratch. The product should include all the possible functionality, ranging from direct online payment to a tracking system for goods delivery. Our engineers were fully involved in the API development of the online store. After the team completed the initial phase, the customer asked us to integrate the solution with the popular payment gateway.


01. Challenge

In May 2018, EU law 2016/679, better known under the acronym GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which regulates personal data (PD) protection of all individuals located in the European Union, came into force.

As the regulation was recently presented, most companies did not clearly understand the rules of personal data processing, storage, and other vital details. Therefore, there were some problems regarding personal data encryption and bringing the site into GDPR compliance.

02. Challenge

While creating the server part of the application, direct access to the user interface (or its mockups) is very helpful. The engineer can understand how the end-user interacts with the implemented functionality through the interface and prepare data in the most suitable format.

As the developers did not have access to the front-end, its designs and mockups, it was essential to modify endpoints several times to provide data in the required format.

03. Challenge

There are many solutions for online-store development. For most typical tasks, solutions like Shopify, Magento, or PrestaShop can satisfy customer needs. But the customer’s business processes were unique, so it wasn’t easy to customize the existing solutions to match all the requirements.

However, the customer decided to create a new solution from scratch for several reasons, which raise labor costs and time for the project completion.


After the initial discussion, the team decided to build the solution consisting of two parts: backend written in vanilla Node.js without extra frameworks and dependencies, and frontend based on Angular.

Azati was responsible for the server-side algorithms and payment logic, application performance, and site functioning. The product owner managed the project according to the modern agile methodology -SCRUM.

The development process was typical:

  • The entire management process was carried out through third-party service – Jira by Atlassian. The project manager entered the following data: short task description, task estimation, start and end date, task priority, assignee.
  • Our team performed the assigned tasks in the second step. The tasks were mainly related to new feature development and release: order and delivery management, ERP and CRM integrations, user account manipulations, etc.
  • After the team finishes the development of a new feature, it is released for testing. After successful testing, DevOps deployed the feature in production.


The engineering team performed a wide range of different tasks related to basic functionality coding and data privacy and information security.

Azati developed from scratch the following features:

  1. Website Navigation, Search and Filtering
  2. Product Card (Create, Edit, Display)
  3. Order Management
  4. Sale Page and Frequently Bought Goods
  5. Similar Product Recommendations
  6. Payment and Discount Pages
  7. Notification (Push & Email)
  8. Invoice Generation (PDF, EMAIL, HTML)
  9. Cart, WishLists, Checkout Pages
  10. Traffic and User Data Encryption
  11. User’s Account Management
  12. Multi Language Interface: German / English
  13. Delivery and Payment Modules
  14. Payment Gateway Integration (PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
  15. etc





The team completed all the goals and assigned tasks according to customer requirements and comments. As a result, an online store was designed, developed meeting all the desired features, and launched in production.

Our team provided the customer:

Custom E-commerce Features.

As the Customer workflow was unique, the team delivered a number of particular features every startup wishes to have. Also, the team optimized and simplified the workflow present in every e-commerce platform.

Individual Approach.

We have created an online store taking into account the wishes of the customer entirely from scratch. If some issues did not meet expectations, our engineers made necessary changes.

Information Security.

We provided a solution that is fully GDPR-compliant and performed the encryption of personal data of EU residents.


After the team released the final version of the solution, our involvement was over. The Customer decided to head the maintenance and new feature development to the in-house team.

Currently, the daily load is significant and impressive, also the solution perfectly copes with all the challenges it faces.

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