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Automating IP Processes

The development and implementation of the monitor feature, that notifies the users of our client’s Research Portal about the recently submitted information to the database that may be relevant for them.


The SequenceBase Corporation is one of the leaders in providing patent sequence information to the biotechnology, legal, pharmaceutical, scientific, technical and academic bioinformatics communities.

The client’s product – SequenceBase Research Portal is an online single source of sequence data, aimed at responding to the scientists’ and researchers’ Intellectual Property (IP) sequence searching needs.


It’s always been instrumental for a prudent researcher to be sure of the completeness of their search results. Though, data updates on the SequenceBase Research Portal occur every 24 hours, which makes it hard for its users to track the newly added patent documents and sequences. These conditions can result in missing details in genetics research, which is by far not an option.


The Azati team addressed the challenge by implementing the monitor feature.

With the monitor feature, users can arrange regular updates of their preferred searches. This way, they are notified and welcomed to see the up-to-date results of the search they performed long ago, as the documents and sequences added after the search creation / previous update that match the searching criteria are added to the search results.

Additionally, we’ve added several settings for monitoring that empower users to:

  • Set automatic updates with predefined frequency.
  • See update history – see the search results before the update(s), i.e. get access to the search results information on the particular date.
  • See only new results – see only new results appeared after the latest update.
  • Set email notifications.

The new feature added a splash of automation, thus relieving researchers from the need to constantly and manually search for the new documents that are added to the database.




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