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Enterprise Content Management System for Retail Real Estate Corporation


Our customer is the leading company in commercial real estate retail. They had built a platform, that is powering more than 90% of all online property sales across the US. The platform empowers brokers, sellers, and buyers with data-driven technology and comprehensive marketing tools to expand market visibility and decrease time to close deals.

As a subproject, the customer wanted to build the largest online auction marketplace in the US, where anyone can buy or sell real estate property. With our help and third-party vendor’s assistance, we created a marketplace that streamlined the distressed property transactions between buyers and sellers.

The core of the marketplace is a mix of Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) and Web Content Management System (WCMS). As every ECM, the system manages a large number of documents, ensuring critical information is delivered to the correct audience. In our case – to the property buyer. The documents, images, on-paper data are aggregated into one system, linked to each other, and grouped. Every single group of documents describes one property unit available for sale.

As the documents are grouped, the built-in scoring system calculates the starting auction price and converts the unstructured data into structured. The structured data is later used in webpage generation for online auction.

Our primary responsibilities:


Streamlining development process between different vendors

The development and implementation of Content Security Policy (CSP)

Third-party modules integration and feature enrichment

The development of custom plugins, modules, and services from scratch


  1. PPDF Service

    The core application in the securitization process of PDF files. Works based on Vitrium and SpringCM technology to overlay data with Vitrium security. PPDF Service Integrates with most items listed below.

  2. PPDF Web App

    The PPDF Web App is a massive new project that will host all Vitrium Suite components in the cloud.

  3. PPDF Web App

    This application intelligently converts all Microsoft Office and various graphic formats to PDF.

  4. Manual PPDF

    Manual PPDF is an excellent tool for working with SpringCM directories and securing static files.

  5. Inactive Sync Module

    Synchronizes files in the Inactive folder with the Active folder. Also consolidates duplicate folders found in the Inactive folder caused by improper operation of SpringCM WSDL.

  6. Auction Box

    Transfers emails and their attachments from the Auction Box folder to the proper event/asset folder based on email headers (EventID/AssetID). If no match is found the logic places the email and attachment in the Exception folder.

  7. Spring Viewer

    Spring Viewer displays files and folders in the Due Diligence tab on the auction website. Grants download functionality, document preview from Inactive folder and zoom functionality.

  8. Local EIP Plugin

    Forwards 7 parameters from the auction website to the Vitrium EIP web service.

  9. Exception Handling Plugin

    The application makes 3 attempts on each file.

  10. Sort Service Plugin

    Adds a sorting digit (1-3) in the comments section of SpringCM based on the document name.

  11. Notify Service

    Notifies XICOM when new files enter the Active folder. Notify service sends a line of parameters including file name and ID to XICOM in the form of a URL.

  12. AllZip Plugin

    Creates an all files.zip in every asset in the Inactive folder.

  13. Trash Recovery Plugin

    A tool for automatically recovering files from the trash folder in SpringCM.

  14. Temp Tool

    The temp tool deletes files from the Temp folder on the DMZ server. The Temp folder is constantly cluttered with temporary files created by the operation of the PPDF Service.

  15. GUA Unlock

    Removes permission password security from PDF files.

  16. W9 Decrypt

    A combination of a stored procedure and a web service for deciphering the W9 Tax field.

  17. Data Scrubber

    Data Scrubber is an application that will be used to filter data based on rules setup prior to the scrubbing process. The application will also incorporate UPS address validation functionality.





For three years our project team has been facing an enormous number of different tech-related challenges, but we can say that about 97% of all features were implemented and delivered in time meeting the customers budget.

Such long-term cooperation helped us to sharpen our software engineering skills, get an understanding of how retail real estate works, earn in-deep domain knowledge and new competencies.

After the project was completed, our team built several solutions for this customer satisfying both market and business needs.

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