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FinTech web-platform for internet-banking application

Azati helped the end customer create an innovative UX/UI design for the web version of online-banking, where the users can manage their accounts and credit cards, make transfers and payments, send bank requests and receive news.


Today, the utilization of online applications has enabled banks to improve customer experience, expand their customer base, reduce operational costs, enhance security, and gather insightful analytics. With the widespread availability of smartphones, almost everyone now has the convenience of paying for services or transferring money to another bank account through their mobile phones, making financial transactions much easier and quicker.

Our customer is a prominent bank that recognized the need to expand its online services beyond just a mobile application, and thus sought to develop a web-platform to provide customers with convenient and reliable access to their banking needs.


Initially, the customer provided a mobile application for their users, but faced the challenge of some users not having access to smartphones or a charged device. Thus, the user is completely deprived of the opportunity to receive banking services online, since there is no web version.

The customer turned to Azati to develop a web version to enable their customers to access banking services from any device with an internet connection.

Azati’s design team had to develop an intuitive UX/UI design for the web-version of the application that allowed users to manage their accounts and credit cards, make transfers and payments, send bank requests, and receive news. The team also ensured that the web and mobile application had a common look and feel to help users easily understand that they are using the same product.





One of the main challenges faced in this project was poor team management, which resulted in significant overtime for the development team. However, the team was able to mitigate the impact of this issue through the use of an official contract that outlined the agreed-upon overtime conditions. Despite this setback, the team was able to successfully complete the project and deliver an innovative web-based banking application.



The second challenge encountered during the project was the insufficient professional skills of some team members from the customer side, which resulted in delays and inconvenience during the development process. As a result, the estimated time for completing certain tasks had to be extended by one to two weeks. However, the team was able to overcome this issue by providing additional support.




The next issue we faced during the project was a lack of effective communication between two managers, resulting in the need for repeated approvals for the same tasks from different managers. This issue caused significant hassle and added extra time to the development process.


After joining, they received a brief onboarding session from the designer who developed the mobile application and the project manager. They utilized Jira to organize and assign tasks and held daily meetings to ensure all team members were on the same page. The chief project manager played an important role in clarifying any issues that arose and helping to solve them.

The development workflow consisted of the following steps:
  • App rating;
  • Mesh selection;
  • Adapting the design of the mobile application to the web;
  • Partnership with front-end development;
  • Design of the new UI in the old layout;
  • Improving the user’s UX journey;
    • Creating a UI kit for the project;
    • Making corrections and additions.


In a fairly short period, a banking web application was developed, based on the existing mobile, with improved UX.

The main page had an admin function with switching tabs for payments and transfers, card limits, and transaction history, allowing all user actions to be performed on one screen without confusion.


The project’s success enabled the bank’s users to access the service from any device with an internet connection, significantly enhancing their user experience while reducing costs and expanding their customer base.


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