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Image Modeling Application



Implementing our startup idea – the application that allows to immediately change wallpapers on the photo taken from a smartphone.


An Interior Design & Decoration Agency


A request for a visualization of a room covered with new wallpapers appears very frequently. Currently, all the design agencies can do to satisfy this need is to present drawings and models of interior designs created with 3D rendering applications or other software tools. The main drawback of this approach is that it takes several days to prepare the final image.

Another option is to use applications, which enable to change only the confined set of prepared photos of the interiors. Both variants fail to deliver the level of performance the clients want.

The perfect solution implies utilizing instant modeling, which represented the main challenge due to its technical complexity.


Azati development team created a fast and easy-to-use application that works both on mobile phone and web browsers.

Artificial Intelligence methods analyze the photo in several stages to perform semantic segmentation of the room – the application recognizes the ceiling, floor, furnishings and decorations. Our algorithms distinguish even the small elements like pillars, wall niches, arches etc. To make the chosen wallpapers look natural on the result image, the algorithms also consider lightning, define depth and surfaces of walls.

There are many wallcovering options available – different colours, textures, and geometric patterns can be applied.

At the last step, the application replaces the existing wallcovering with a new choice, thus building a plausible model of a new room.

Technology Stack

Python OpenCV Theano Caffe

Technology Stack

Python OpenCV Theano Caffe