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Insurance Company Self-Service System

Insurance self-service portal provides web and mobile based controlled access for the end consumers to the essential features of policy management system, billing and payments, applications and quotes, claims and Knowledge Center resources.


Each insurance company is a guarantee that all your data will be protected. So users must see the full picture of how the service provider treats and stores their documents.

If all the processes are easy and understandable, people’s trust is growing.

The product was implemented for the US national leader in healthcare liability insurance for medical and dental professionals, as well as hospital healthcare facilities.


As the Company policyholder database was rapidly growing, the Company understood the value a self-service portal could bring to their end consumers, and requested a web and mobile based system where end consumers could have full visibility and secured control of their policy details, billing and payments, applications and quotes, claims, relevant and time-sensitive product information – all without involving a customer service representative.

The Company reached out to Azati for bringing a competitive solution to life.The solution would serve both as the starting point for those looking for medical malpractice insurance and as a place for continued support for a wide range of policyholders with their needs, across different lines of business.


Azati delivered a self-service platform that allows end customers to update profiles, access policy information, check the status of an open request and retrieve product related information.

The implemented self-service portal features include (but are not limited to):

  • Role based and password-protected access
  • 360° Customer View
    • Policy Details, Policy Change & Renewal
    • Billing Summary, Invoice history
    • Wallet / Pay Online
    • Claims / First Notice of Loss / Tracking
    • Reminders / Notifications
  • Quick Quote Generation and Electronic Application Entry and Submission
  • Course History and Continuing Education
  • Online Chat and Contact/Feedback forms
  • Knowledge Center
    • Risk Management
    • Product Information
    • Laws / Regulations
  • Back Office support:
    • Audit trail and usage reporting
    • Customized branding and localization

    The portal was integrated with the client’s internal systems, helping brand their insurance organization, empowering the client, and promoting customer satisfaction.


    With the introduction of the self-service portal, each end customer gained greater control over policy purchasing and administration, in the new personalized and interactive way online. The self-service system now provides a complete 24/7, global and secure access to the business functions which the end consumers need most often. The portal’s features and convenient user experience significantly reduced the time spent by end customers on insurance administration – their focus has shifted back to work. Customer service representatives reported the reduction of call center volume by nearly 60% on typical inquiries, and expect this number to grow as more customers get comfortable with serving themselves online.





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