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Online Services Marketplace is a start-up company in UK helping small and medium sized businesses find new clients, using a powerful B2B & B2C social networking platform.

Business Situation

With search engine optimization and pay-per-click costs becoming too competitive and too expensive for many small to medium sized local businesses, Online Services Marketplace is meant to cover it all, providing an effective way for tradesmen to generate leads and win new business at an affordable price.


Azati was hired to design and develop the software, both web and mobile frontend (iOS and Android) and server backend (administrative panel). Azati covered the entire development process, including project management, requirements gathering, specification writing, coding, testing and infrastructure setup. A few key competitive advantage ingredients:

  • social networking model: it is a true community, where tradesmen maintain their customizable profile pages, describing their business, what they have to offer and their success stories from the clients, including completed job rating.
  • reputation based rating: reputations are built by the work that tradesmen do, not how much money they pay.
  • loyalty program support: tradesmen get points for early registration upon the initial service launch, points for referrals and other campaigns, and these points can be used to cover the subscription fees.
  • it’s affordable: completely free for clients to post jobs, and only £9.99 per month for the tradesmen, who get unlimited exposure within the marketplace that both eliminates the cost of traditional online advertising, and the need for it in the first place.


By joining the Marketplace, tradesmen receive quality job leads and public social profile with ratings and reviews, clients hire the best rated professionals without the hit and miss of search engines, and the Marketplace receives a fairly small subscription fee from the tradesmen.


  • Cloud
  • Ruby
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Social
  • JavaScript
  • MongoDB

Some detailed information not disclosed due to NDA restrictions