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Mobile Geolocation and Reporting Service


2011 till 2014




Diamond Contract Services delivers building maintenance services that help customers to archive long-term sustainability, cost saving and an enhanced brand image.


To improve the quality of maintenance services the buildings the company works on are inspected by internal Quality Assurance team on a regular basis. The inspection results are collected manually in the check-list form, stored as XLS document and then further processed by operators in the office in order to obtain the performance reporting and other analytical metrics. The company realized the need to improve the quality assessment process and post-processing by using modern mobile technologies.


The company decided to have a complex solution developed for them aiming at improving the efficiency of the Quality Assurance team’s work. Azati was hired for requirements gathering, consulting and implementation work for the following two main parts of desired solution: a modern mobile multi-platform application and corporate internal web-based portal (with necessary integration functionality). The key feature of the mobile application was suppose to provide for Area Supervisors a functionality to perform inspections only inside the customer’s facility. Geo-fences of all customer’s buildings (450+) were configured in the corporate portal when mobile application has to track in real-time mode employee’s geolocation and advise by several criteria of nearest facilities/buildings that require inspections. The key feature of the corporate portal is to accumulate in real-time all the information coming from the mobile devices, handled by QA team members, to automatically process that data and to provide necessary level of reporting, statistics and flowcharts.


The first release of the requested solution was developed with all key functionality and helped the company to significantly improve the efficiency of QA team work.

In the course of the following three years, a variety of additional features and functionality have been developed:

– the option to work in the mobile application using the ‘offline’ mode;
– the Supply Ordering process was automated with monthly budgets and real-time delivery to Supply Vendor;
– capturing of employee’s facility visit time;
– a public dashboard with various statistical metrics was added to the corporate portal;

The solution developed by Azati allowed the client to speed up the processing of QA data and gave the Management department the necessary level of employees work transparency in the shortest timeframe possible.


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