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Online & Mobile Food Ordering

Complex solution for Online Food Ordering: web portal and mobile application. The solution is integrated with various payment gateways and internal restaurant service systems.


The company has over 25 years of combined experience in the print and graphic design industry oriented on restaurant business. The company provides the following range of services for the restaurants: high-quality print of menus, designing logos and promotional kits, customized websites.


Having the ability to quickly place an order, book a table and keep track of your favorite single-network restaurant’s offerings in the app is good for consumers. Automatic updates and tracking of each preparation process of your order can all be done in one place. Azati has a goal to achieve without resorting to any complicated and veiled processes. Plain and simple – this is the approach that will attract a new audience and multiply the network’s profits several times over.


Business growth and maximizing overall profitability are needed:

  • Expanding into new markets: attracting new customers — large restaurant chains;
  • Expansion of services for existing customers — owners of individual restaurants.


  • Business analysis of the status and needs of the target market segment;
  • Creation of customized cross-platform mobile applications for each restaurant with ability to control the orders statuses directly from the applicatio. The user is given administrative privileges with the ability to view / edit a special section of the application which is available only for users of this type;
  • Organization and implementation of a single system that interacts with existing client systems and mobile applications. The system functionality includes:
    • handy content management of the restaurant’s applications and websites: adding a new location after opening of a branch of the same restaurant; editing the contact information of the restaurant locations; editing the menu for ordering through the application as well as for viewing only; updating on discounts and promotions, photos of dishes and restaurant photo galleries; editing posts for sharing in social networks;
    • access to the materials for the selected reporting period;
    • adding and editing of payment methods (by cash and/ or credit cards) and payment operators according to the restaurant request.


  • The choice of cross-platform solution reduces our client’s expenses for the application development for both platforms — Android and iOS. The outcome: the final mobile application cost was lowered which has attracted new customers and increased annual revenue by 25 percent;
  • The client’s expenses for maintenance of both two systems (for creating websites and creating mobile applications) were decreased due to the implementation of the unified system;
  • Easy-to-use system was created for the efficient service of restaurants at the pre- and post-production stages.
    The results:
    • necessity to pay for development and build of mobile applications for each new restaurant was eliminated as the file with unified code can be loaded into build.phonegap.com by the client himself without help of IT professional;
    • expenses for hiring of new employees for customer service department were pruned thanks to current staff workflow optimization by means of commissioning of proposed system. Despite the growing number of new customers — restaurants and restaurant chains, there is no need for a proportional increase in the number of employees.



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