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User Interface Development for Agriculture Web Platform

Azati helped the Customer to build a front-end part of agriculture web-platform, eliminate the majority of bugs, improve filtering and pagination.


The digital transformation from traditional commerce to e-commerce has been a popular topic for the last few years. Today, consumers prefer to shop in an easy way, with the phone in hand or in front of a laptop. Such a process saves a lot of time.

You can scroll around several stores in minutes, instantly check the assortment and pay for purchases with a tied bank card. Responsive service, return policies, and guarantees – all these are huge advantages of e-commerce.

All these benefits did not pass by the agricultural sector. It should be noticed that precisely this area is in need of online platforms since there are a considerable number of products that should be available online. These products can be classified according to numerous parameters, which can be easily sorted automatically.

Our Customer is a representative of the agricultural domain who wanted to create a platform that unites farmers, their suppliers, and buyers into a single network for an effective trade, obtaining valuable analytics, marketing, and sharing experiences at all stages of the chain – from seeds to sales.

The primary goal of Azati was to enrich the MVP with new features, fix various bugs, and enhance filtering and pagination components.


The agricultural sector is known for the vast amounts of data: various types of crops, seeds, seasonality, and much more. Proper structuring and filtering of data become an important factor, which will make the search process much easier and faster for the consumers and distributors.

The internal team developed the core of the project, so the Customer invited Azati to deliver new features and help to get rid of bugs.

There were several primary objectives
of our engineers:

Enhance the existing user interface

Improve the algorithms for data filtering

Add pagination and new filters

Structurize a huge list of categories and nested subcategories

Speed up the customer-facing side of the application


01. Challenge

As the management process was carried in a traditional way using spreadsheets, it was somewhat tricky to control task completion, set statuses, dates, duration, etc. Sometimes, the project manager provided an incomplete task description, according to which it was difficult to understand what was required to do.

Every time our specialists had any questions, they had to contact the manager directly. The main issue was the response time, which could last for a few hours or even days, so there were several problems with deadlines.

As the project was growing, Azati proposed shifting to agile project management using JIRA, and such an approach significantly speeded up feature delivery.

02. Challenge

As the customer wanted to finish the project as soon as possible, our team immediately joined the development workflow. This challenge was technology-related, as our engineers were not familiar with several libraries used in the project.

Thus, it became an important task to quickly and efficiently learn the libraries to complete the work on time.


From the very beginning, the entire management process was carried out through spreadsheets, where engineers entered the following data: short task description, task estimation, start and end date, task priority, assignee. At the same time, developers themselves chose the task they can perform by entering their names into the table.

The document was divided into several sheets that contained a specific part of the app to simplify navigation. During the task implementation, the developers left comments about the status, so that the manager could track its progress and highlight bugs.

The tasks were divided into different categories, depending on their purpose. These included filling cards for specific fertilizers with all information about them, creating and optimizing the system for managing requests and orders registration, and bug fixing processes.

Thus, the tasks in the table were classified according to the following sheets:

Distributor: Fertilizers

This table was responsible for creating ads from distributors, product cards filling, chats with a buyer, and the list of order requests that distributor receives.

Distributor: Other

Tasks related to minor bugs fixes, work with accounts, balances and registration/ authorization processes.

Distributor: Seeds. Price list

Tasks in this sector were related to the optimization of the display of the price list, seeds filtering, as well as the registration of the product placement.

Website: Buyer

Tasks over there were related to the buyer’s interaction with the platform: signing up and signing in if the user was already registered, tracking the order status (availability in stock), and more.

Website: Agricultural producer

There were tasks for the process of registering and logging a user with proper rights and the work with the list of purchase requests that the seller receives.

Panel: Coordinator

This sheet was responsible for the “admin panel” which included tasks related to changing prices and products cards.



Azati completed a wide range of different tasks related to frontend development. These tasks included bug fixing processes, feature enhancing, and development of additional functionality.

The platform included 3 main cabinets:

#1 Distributor cabinet

This part of the platform is responsible for the product distribution functionality:

  • Product ad creation
  • Product card creation
  • Application list checkout
  • Live Chat
  • Product filtering
  • Authorization
  • Balance checkout
  • Product logistics
  • Tool for targeted product promotion

#2 Buyer cabinet

There are represented all the features which help to buy a product:

  • User registration
  • Product search
  • Purchase order creation
  • Personal account creation
  • Direct access to thousands of farmers

#3 Agricultural producer cabinet

In this section, user can find all the features for agriculture producers:

  • Registration
  • Product classification
  • Application checkout
  • Personal account information
  • Order history
  • Tools for planning fieldwork


All tasks assigned to the Azati team were successfully completed according to customer requirements and comments. Our engineers accomplished tasks related to feature development, ongoing updates and maintenance of the existing solution.

Azati helped to develop a product with the appropriate functionality for distributor, buyer, and agricultural producer. Each of them have a personal cabinet where they can perform necessary actions such as create an application, check received requests, make a purchase and so on.

Technology Stack



Azati participation on the project was finished when all the necessary tasks were completed. Today the customer website is fully functional and designed features were released.

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