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User Interface for Multimedia Jumbotron System

Creating an interactive web-application for the users to take part in the online auction during the football match.


Besides broadcasting the games, the leaders of Levi’s Stadium (a football stadium located in Santa Clara, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area) wanted to attract spectators to the game, as well as to provide them with a necessary item that they could get in a matter of seconds. In other words, they could let a happy accident turn the vector of a participant’s life in a completely different direction.


The purchase of goods and services is even more jarring when it is presented in the form of a competition or auction.

After numerous advertising campaigns and audience warm-ups, it would be impractical to conduct an auction in an unorganized and low way quality and without any interest for the audience. The goal of developing the web space was to provide everything necessary for participation, to show excitement and intrigue, and to call for participation without loss through image.


The San-Francisco company desired to hold an advertising game during the match – an auction to sell several items, including a new car. Only those visitors who have registered at the company’s site were allowed to take part in the game (of course, a massive advertising campaign was held beforehand).

Here is the plot of the game:

Interactive video starts on all the devices of all the logged in users simultaneously, as well as on the huge stadium jumbotron screen. After a few seconds of Levi’s commercial, the photos of the auction item are displayed. During the 10-second countdown the price of the item is dropping, so that any visitor might press the button to buy at the current price. One who pressed the button first is the winner and his/her name is shown on every device.

The main challenge was to create a pixel-perfect picture for all possible desktop resolutions and mobile devices, including stadium jumbotron with a very specific resolution of 1,120 × 4,648 pixels.


Our developers proposed the solution that will perfectly match the existing ecosystem: we decided to use modern web technologies with the advantages they provide.

Such an approach helped the client to solve the business goal without great expenses on software development and disruption of the existing infrastructure.

During the development process, our developers practiced the SCRUM.


  • The front-end part of the project was created using AngularJS framework;
  • Pixel-perfect quality of the application was achieved using CSS technique – CSS3 Media Queries;
  • We’ve managed to run the web application simultaneously on every device due to the WebSocket API (which establishes connections between a web browser and a server).



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