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UX/UI Redesign for Real-time Broadcast Monitoring

The Azati team helped a European customer modernize a web-service for monitoring songs on the radio worldwide. Our UX/UI enhancement provides innovative platform appearance and the most effective user experience.


It is a very complicated task to recognize and fully understand the value of music in our everyday life. Today, it becomes an integral part of personality formation.

It is expected that in the period (2021-2026) the global music market will grow on average by 8.5%. The music industry has reached a global level like never before. The global music community has never been so closely connected. Fans and authors are using the opportunities of the new era to enjoy the music they love and share it.

Therefore, our customer from EU have focused on this domain and provide services for the music industry. The primary activity is songs tracking on the radio in real-time. It actually helps understand the music trends in different countries and where the definite author is more popular.


There are several reasons a UX/UI redesign may be necessary for a website, application, or product. Firstly, the current design may be outdated and no longer meet the needs and expectations of users, leading to an engagement decline and user satisfaction. Secondly, user feedback and analytics may indicate areas where the design should be improved to better align with user needs and behaviors.

A UX/UI redesign can be an effective way to differentiate a product from its competitors and create a unique and memorable user experience. By investing in a well-designed and user-friendly product, businesses can improve customer loyalty and generate positive word-of-mouth referrals, ultimately leading to increased revenue and growth.

So the main objective of our team was the entire platform redesign based on users feedback to create the most appropriate version.


On this project, we did not encounter any blockers, and there were no significant problems throughout our workflow. The customer never delayed the development process and responded quickly to any questions. All disputed issues were resolved as they arose.


Our specialists were involved in the project as part of the development, design, and project management teams. Almost all communication was conducted through the project manager, who built and accompanied all processes. After each iteration, we presented the intermediate outcome to the customer and, based on their responses, we held meetings with the team to develop an action plan and determine task completion timelines.

The management was very efficient and as a result, there were no missed deadlines on the project. Instead, tasks were completed on time or even earlier. If a task was estimated to take less time than was required, the issue was quickly and painlessly resolved for the entire team.


Our solution is a complete redesign of the entire web-platform.

The platform comprises:

  • Landing page
    Landing page is aimed to represent all basic info about the platform: describe all the advantages and features, collect reviews from real users, and give all information about the company and subscription plans for a certain period.
  • Dashboard
    On dashboard users can upload songs and track all the compositions in the general database: most popular countries, the numbers of plays, charts, etc.


As a result, we enhance the following features:

  • Map (country where the musical composition is most often broadcast);
  • Filters (by author, by date, by place, by song, by radio channels);
  • Charts;
  • Separate list of downloaded songs;
  • Monitored Channels;
  • Timeline graph;
  • Reports.




Location map


The project is not finished yet, but at the moment the customer is completely satisfied with our work.

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