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Why Azati?

Your Connection, Our Collaboration

We appreciate a good recommendation. If you know a company in need of software development, refer them to us. We take care of all the hard work — consulting, strategy, development — you just connect us.

Fair Reward System

Instead of heavily investing in advertising, we believe in rewarding referrals. We calculate our referral fee based on our customer acquisition costs, allowing us to reallocate funds back into our network of professional contacts and customers.


Our Referral Program is open to everyone! Just be someone who knows businesses that could benefit from our IT services.

How it Works


Mention our services to potential clients — these could be your colleagues, friends or acquaintances.


Fill in the ‘Referral Form’ on our website with the details of the potential client.


Once the referred client executes a contract with us, you’ll receive a reward.

Terms & Conditions

Earn rewards

For every successful referral, we offer up to 15% of the project cost as a referral fee. This amount will be directly transferred to you as part of the referral agreement.

New client

The client you refer should be new to our company.


The referral is considered successful when the referred client executes a contract with us.

    Become a partner

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