Quality Assurance
& Software Testing

Engineers combine manual and automated Quality Assurance techniques to help the development team create bug-free software and feature-rich applications.

Quality Assurance

QA Engineers gained their experience for years, and now we are willing to share the knowledge by providing consulting services.

Dedicated Testing

Quality assurance requires dedication, Azati offers teams where engineers work in a single office on a single project.

Quality Assurance

At Azati, engineers cover about 87% of all code basis by functional tests, integration, and unit tests.

Types of Testing

Manual Web and Mobile Testing

Frontend Web and Mobile Automation Testing

Backend and Performance Automation Testing

Functional Testing

Regression Testing

Smoke Testing

Usability Testing

End-to-End Testing

Service/API Testing

Stress Testing

Load Testing

Functional testing is one of the black box testing techniques, where the features of a solution are tested by feeding them input data and examining the output results. Engineers do not consider application structure or internal algorithms.

Regression testing is a quality assurance process aimed at detecting regression errors. These errors often occur, when engineers add new features or during bug fixing. As newly added features may cause new defects in the already tested parts of the application.

The primary purpose of smoke testing is to make sure that the critical AUT (Application Under Test) functions work as expected. Engineers perform this type of testing when a new build is going to be released to identify issues with the main components of the application.

Usability testing helps to determine whether the product, prototype or concept is accessible and easy-to-use for a regular visitor. Our engineers follow the user flows, benchmark the results, and provide recommendations on how the designers can improve usability.

End-to-end testing is a quality assurance technique that is used to test whether the flow of an application is right from start to finish. The purpose of performing end-to-end testing is to identify system dependencies and to ensure, and the solution is behaving as expected.

API testing is different from other types of quality assurance processes, as API has no graphical user interface. Engineers configure an exceptional environment with the necessary set of tools to simulate various requests to the application endpoints.

Engineers create stressful situations to analyze application performance under hefty loads. The team examines the program’s ability to handle exceptions, and it’s robustness, stability & reliability under stressful conditions.

The main idea of load testing is to maintain the response time of the application under regular load. We want to make sure that all the features of the application work in accordance with the guidelines — project specification and requirements.

Phased Approach


Preparation Phase

  • Gathering the relevant information for the project
  • Requirements discovery and analysis
  • Test planning and resource requirements
  • Risk analysis
  • Assessing the need for automated testing
  • Defining the type of testing depending on the
  • Scheduling all tasks
  • Creating a test plan and developing test
quality assurance approach


Testing phase

  • Testing process implementation
  • Continuous feedback to developers at every step
  • Documentation refinement
  • Research and verification of results
  • Bugs reporting
  • Repeating some testing operatings for achieving the highest quality of code


Test closure

  • Collecting data from completed test activities
  • Consolidating experiences, testware, key outputs
  • Creating progress reports
  • Retrospective for process improvement
  • Archiving test documents as a reference for future projects

Testing Techniques

quality assurance types

Automated Testing

Automated tests help to run routine tasks automatically to maximize test coverage. Testing automation allows Azati to maintain the development process continuously to roll out stable releases in the shortest terms, ensuring fast delivery to the client.

Manual Testing

Under the guise of end-users, engineers simulate test scenarios, benchmark performance, and identify any behavior that is different from the expectations. The main idea of manual testing is to perform complex actions, that cannot be automated, or the automation is too costly.


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Our Leaders


QA Software Team Manager

Dmitriy Kisel

Lead Test Automation Engineer

Yevgeniy Danilchik

Lead Software QA Engineer

Kasia Anikeich

Why Choose Azati

Niche expertise

Business analysts and engineers go in-depth while researching the solution. Such an approach helps us to earn off-hand experience and unique knowledge in various industries.

Continuous Quality Improvement

QA engineers and testers are encouraged to analyze their work processes and make suggestions as how to improve the solution for the good of the customer.


If the existing application is not built in an optimal way, we recommend alternative solutions that may improve the solution without disrupting the existing application infrastructure.

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