Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is becoming a reality and one of the leading areas is machine learning, allowing computers to self-learn without being explicitly programmed. It offers limitless possibilities for business eager to take advantage of the tech.

Machine learning is already being used in some industries, particularly finance where it’s used to provide a credit score, detect fraud, and optimize investments, but we’ve only scratched the surface of what could be achieved. Here at Azati, we work with businesses to deploy the science behind machine learning so that it can play a key role within their business, offering up data-driven insights and streamlining processes.

Our machine learning competencies

Our machine learning competencies

We’re experts in using machine learning to support businesses. Our qualified professionals are dedicated to continuous learning and ensuring they stay on top of industry developments, helping to deliver you a level of service that you know you can rely on. Among our machine learning competencies are:

Supervised/unsupervised learning
Supervised and unsupervised learning can unearth key patterns within your data. Through identifying which data is potentially useful and analysing vast quantities, machine learning can unearth patterns and insights that would have been missed by data analysts.

Deep learning
Through making sense of data, such as images, sounds, and text, deep learning offers a huge amount of potential for businesses that implement it across their operations. Using many-layered deep neural networks to learn, deep learning is the fastest growing area of machine learning for good reason.

Distributed computing
If you’re working with invaluable but huge and hard to process data sets, the tasks will often need to be distributed across an entire IT system due to the sheer volume of work. We can give you access to server clusters, including hardware accelerated servers, to perform the machine learning jobs that could give you a competitive advantage.

Natural language processing
There are challenges in natural language processing, including connecting language and machine perception. But we can help you overcome these obstacles to take advantage of the benefits machine learning can bring your organisation.

Digital signal processing
Digital signal processing (DSO) applications cover a huge range of machine learning aspects that can be useful for business operations. From digital image processing to signal processing for telecommunications, machine learning can deliver tangible benefits to your operations.

Applied maths and algorithms
We understand the maths and algorithms behind machine learning, giving us the knowledge to support your aims. With the support of this insight, our team are able to comprehend and utilise a range of areas within machine learning, such as convex optimisation, partial differential equations, and quadratic programming.

Our technology stack

Our technology stack

We have a technology stack to turn your machine learning objectives and capabilities into a reality.

  • CuDNN – Leading deep learning researchers and framework developers use CuDNN, an GPU-accelerated library that provides highly tuned implementations for standard routines around machine learning. It means we can deliver your projects quicker by eliminating the time spent on low-level GPU performance testing.
  • Scikit Learn – We utilize the machine learning library Scikit Learn for Python. With a huge range of algorithms and designed to seamlessly integrate with other Python libraries, it’s a vital tool for speeding up the delivery of machine learning software.
  • Tensor Flow – Originally developed by researchers and engineers working at Google’s Machine intelligence research organization, Tensor Flow is an invaluable open source software library. With the ability to be applicable to a wide variety of machine learning projects that require numerical computation, it’s a core part of our technology stack.
  • Natural Language Toolkit – As a leading platform for building Python programs that use human language data, Natural Language Toolkit is a tool that can be vital for some machine learning projects. Providing an extensive suite of text processing libraries, such as tagging, semantic reasoning, and classification, it’s versatile too.

Why choose Azati

Machine learning is a relatively new and rapidly developing area of technology. Our extensive experience in developing software and commitment to providing continuous training opportunities to our staff means we’re perfectly placed to help your business take advantage of machine learning tech.

Do you want to discuss how machine learning capabilities could help your business? Get in touch with our team today to find out more.