Machine Learning
& Artificial Intelligence

Azati offers the customers various scenarios of business processes optimization using machine learning algorithms and tailored AI solutions.

Consulting Services

Machine learning requires in-depth computer science knowledge to understand how all the processes work. Azati had been creating AI applications since 2016, so engineers have exciting experiences to share.

Modeling & Development

Azati chooses the most suitable algorithms for machine learning modeling, which streamline data processing to drive measurable results, and make model training process transparent and comprehensible.

Deployment & Maintenance

Azati creates production-ready, fully functioning AI-powered solutions. Engineers integrate the application into the existing infrastructure, corporate software, thereby expanding its capabilities.

We Focus

Natural Language

Applications powered by advanced NLP algorithms extract the data from text and voice, as this information helps companies to automate business processes and workflows to find valuable insights.


Computer Vision allows companies to automate any human work concerned with visual verification and identification, which is based on the reconciliation of the original photo, video or schemes.


Automated anomaly detection helps companies to identify the unusual or suspicious activities and events that can raise uncertainty, lead to potential fraud or increase the risk possibility.

Intelligent Data

Machine Learning helps to automate data processing and turn unstructured data into structured records, which can be easily processed by any business intelligence software.

Complex Document

OCR engines powered by machine learning and computer vision make it easy to extract valuable data from complex on-paper documents with a flexible structure in various formats.

ML Model Development

Data Analysis
Engineers analyze the datasets provided by the customer to choose the most effective methods for model training.
Engineers train several models using different techniques, benchmark the results to select the optimal training technique.
Data Scientists analyze the outputs provided after the training phase and tune the training algorithms until the satisfactory results appear.
Deployment & Integration
Azati deploys & integrates ML models into new or existing applications on various platforms, including web, desktop, or mobile.

Azati empowers with AI

AI-powered solutions help doctors accurately recognize, classify, and forecast different diseases, as well as automate general healthcare workflow.

Patient Data Analysis with AI

For proper treatment, it is necessary to know everything about the patient: medical images, blood tests, medical history, etc. Artificial Intelligence automates patient file analysis with custom NLP techniques and digital image (MRI, X-rays, and CT scans) processing.

Predictive Diagnostics

We train machine learning models to recognize malignant neoplasms of the skin to diagnose skin cancer, as well as analyze visual impairment to determine and forecast possible diseases.

Individual Treatment Selection

By combining data from the treatment history, previous diagnoses, and real-time health indicators, an ML model evaluates the current health of the patient to prepare an optimal individualized treatment plan. Such an approach helps to cure diseases much faster.

The petroleum industry has to solve the problems of assessing reliability during equipment operation, transport routes, and supply chain optimization.

Processing and Digitization of Complex Documents with AI

Azati created a custom platform for document digitization (Azati OCR) that allows businesses to extract valuable data from complex documents that contain graphs, charts, and images. Azati OCR allows processing a wide variety of complex technical materials efficiently and accurately.

Intelligent Search Engines

Azati built several intelligent search engines powered by advanced machine learning technologies and sophisticated semantic techniques. It lets companies eliminate complex search queries, and helps to accelerate general data lookup processes, as users can form search queries with natural language.

Artificial Intelligence helps marketers to automate data processing, forecast market trends, increase the efficiency of the routine tasks, and collect valuable information about their customers.

Predictive Analytics with AI

With AI-powered tools for predictive analytics, marketers analyze data collected through previous periods to determine which marketing strategies may increase the probability of sale, and how this or that actions can potentially impact the overall sales numbers.

Market Trend Discovery

Using previously collected information like industry comparisons and economic trends, artificial intelligence help to assess and evaluate the demand, make better data-driven decisions, predict short and long-term sales results, and boost company income.

Individual Marketing AI Campaigns

AI-powered tools analyze customer profiles and provide insights helping to drive individual marketing campaigns. The software understands the enormous volume of market data, including economic demand, competitors’ offers, and market volatility, to set tariffs for products in accordance with current and forecasted demand.

Artificial Intelligence allows companies to eliminate several problems that financial institutes and stock market traders face: complex data processing, market trend discovery, and stock price prediction.

Automated Data Processing

While making informed decisions, it is essential to analyze data coming from various data sources. Artificial Intelligence helps to process all incoming data and turn this information into a single structured format, simple both for human and machine understanding.

Data Quality Control with AI

Every financial company operates with sensitive customer data, so it is essential to avoid possible mistakes or at least to decrease the inaccuracy probability. Machine Learning models spot the deviation of new information, as well as validate the existing records.

Financial Fraud AI Detection

Huge financial institutes suffer from fraudulent activities, which cost them hundreds of millions every year. Hopefully, machine learning allows companies to process complex unstructured data much quicker, what significantly decreases fraud detection costs.

Artificial intelligence has tremendous potential to improve the insurance industry. It helps automate insurance processes to provide customers with the best quality and customer service.

AI Product Advisory

Today AI helps to recommend new insurance products to potential customers. The individual customer profile is automatically matched with the available products, and the consulting process becomes faster, more efficient, and cheap enough.

Automated Customer Interaction

Chatbots provide great help to the first-line customer support serving clients 24/7. Conversational agents not only collect valuable data directly from the customers but also process and analyze information in real-time, helping to deliver better customer experience.

Insurance Fraud AI Detection

Insurance companies suffer from fraudulent activities no less than banks, and the only difference is data the algorithms analyze. Machine Learning helps underwriters to analyze incoming insurance policies in real time with advanced risk scoring techniques.

ML&AI Tools


Why Azati

Niche expertise

Business analysts and engineers go in-depth while researching the solution. Such an approach helps us to earn off-hand experience and unique knowledge in various industries.

Best-In-Class R&D

Azati often hires professionals with scientific and academic backgrounds to share their in-depth technical knowledge and bring a new vision to the development of new technologies.


If the existing application is not built in an optimal way, we recommend alternative solutions that may improve the solution without disrupting the existing application infrastructure.

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