Big Data

Solving your big data challenges

Businesses today are in a position to collect masses of raw data, giving them the ability to translate this into actionable insights that can drive business growth. But the sheer volume of data means that firms are experiencing challenges in collecting, storing, and processing the ever-growing amount.

We’re experts in providing solutions to issues that arise around big data in the world of business. Creating services that allow you to derive powerful insights from the business critical information at your fingertips, we can help you improve your decision making processes.

Utilising your information

Utilising your information

Businesses today need to take an agile approach to responding to both challenges and opportunities to succeed. The data that can be collected by a single enterprise can give you everything you need to make every day and business critical decisions, supported by data and insights derived from your raw information.

Our big data consultants develop and tailor bespoke solutions that allow firms from a range of verticals, from life sciences to telecommunications, to handle industry scale big data. Our meticulously crafted processes and software puts the power in your hands and gives you the confidence to act when you need to.

Our big data competencies

Our big data competencies

Big data encompasses many areas and our competencies can be blended to create the service that you need. Whether you need support on a single, focussed area or comprehensive package, our big data consultants are on hand to offer you additional support.

Big data strategy
Our experts can help you not only evaluate your current big data strategy but your potential capabilities too. With a clear indication of what can be achieved, we can create a solution that reflects the value of the data at your fingertips and your wider business aims.

Big data integration
To make the most of your big data it needs to be seamlessly integrated across your IT systems. Through connecting multiple data sets, processes, and systems, our big data services can deliver real-time insights that you can act on across all departments.

Data governance
When organised, clear, and accessible, big data can be a powerful business tool – but quality is vital. We can help you identify and manage polices and rules to ensure that all your data is of consistently high quality, giving you the confidence to use it as part of your decision-making processes.

Customer master data management
Customer data can be an invaluable source of insight, helping you to improve the experience of your clients across multiple aspects. Through creating a unified solution that considers the whole customer journey, we can give you a holistic, accurate, and consistent view of your customers. This allows you to identify potential opportunities.

Data mining and aggregation
The number of big data sources means it can be difficult to collate all the information into useful insights. Our data mining and aggregation services takes the task out of your hands, pulling together multiple sources so you never miss those all important details.

Big data analytics
We combine our big data expertise with advanced knowledge of business intelligence and machine learning, giving you access to unrivalled analytics. Transforming your unorganised, raw data into customisable, interactive reports, we’ll optimise your data and ensure it’s accessible.

The technologies we work with

The technologies we work with

Our highly skilled team have experience using a wide range of technologies, giving them the ability to pick out the one that will best suits your exact needs. The result is the creation of a market leading platform that’s considered you at every turn. Among the technologies we deploy are:

  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Storm
  • MapReduce
  • Amazon EMR
  • Apache Zookeeper
  • Apache Hue
  • Apache Ambari
  • Azure HDInight

Why choose Azati

We understand big data and how to make it work for you. Our customised solutions are designed with your challenges and objectives in mind by a team that’s dedicated to delivering a superior level of service and software.

We can work with all enterprises, large or small, to solve your big data challenges. To start creating your solution today, contact our team with an outline of your needs.