Business Intelligence

Supporting your business aims

Businesses often have access to a wealth of data but turning this data into clear information that you can rely on during the decision-making process can often be challenging.

Here at Azati, our professional, highly trained data analytics consultants can turn your raw data into truly valuable insights. With our business intelligence solutions, you can enhance your firm’s operations with the support of reliable data across a range of business critical areas, from customer experience to business development. The insights we’ll place at your fingertips will enhance your activities, aiding your business objectives.

Making your data work for you

Making your data work for you

Industry focus and dedication to working with every client is at the heart of what we do. We understand that data demands and needs vary from one business to another. When you choose to work with Azati, we take the time to understand your business, the challenges you face, and how you want to benefit from the high-quality business intelligence we can deliver. Whether you work in entertainment and media, life science, insurance, or another vertical, you can rely on us to deliver actionable data in digestible formats.

For when you need to make decisions based on facts, our business intelligence solutions bring you a wealth of information. Using our expertise in business critical areas, we’ll deliver the insights you need to make informed decisions covering a range of areas, including marketing, human resources management, and performance efficiency.

Seamlessly blending into you current IT solutions, our services provide fully integrated data that’s accessible, even for those that aren’t tech-minded.

Our core business intelligence competencies

Our core business intelligence competencies

Our highly skilled and experienced analysts can offer you the expertise you need to create business intelligence that will give you a competitive edge.

Data discovery, warehousing, and ETL
We work with you to understand your business intelligence objectives and craft the solution that will work best for you. Your unique demands and aims will be reflected in the way we build your warehouse, always ensuring that it’s consistent, accessible, and delivers you with invaluable data that you can act on. Our data discovery and warehousing, as well as our extract, transform, and load (ETL) process gets your data ready for analysis.

Master data management
Ensure your business intelligence delivers you a maximum return by investing in master data management (MDM). With masses of data it’s possible to have data appearing more than once, resulting in uncertainty when it comes to which one should be trusted. Our professional consultants can work with you to set up MDM practices to define and manage the standards, tools, policies and more to create a single reference point.

Reporting and interactive dashboards
To get the most out of your business intelligence it needs to be accessible for multiple departments, including non-tech users. We can create and deliver bespoke, interactive reporting dashboards that put your powerful data at the fingertips of every individual, eliminating barriers and boosting decisions across the whole organisation.

OLAP and data visualisation
Our online analytical processing (OLAP) and data visualisation services takes the analytical work out of your hands. Translating your data and returning detailed information that can be sorted based on criteria, data visualisation dashboards organises work and makes it readily available.

Our business intelligence data stack

Our business intelligence data stack

Data warehousing and ETL:

  • Oracle Database
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Amazon Aurora
  • Microsoft Azure SQL

Business intelligence and reporting:

  • Oracle BI
  • Pentaho
  • JReport
  • Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

Big data:

  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • Kafka
  • Storm

Why choose Azati?

At Azati we value collaboration. We work with you from the beginning to translate your business intelligence goals to software that meets your exact needs. Creating cost effective solutions built with you in mind, our experienced team of software development professionals deliver guarantees you know you can rely on.

If you’re ready to harness the power that your data has and turn it into actionable business intelligence, contact us today.