How to Join Our Team

Azati offers long-term jobs for software developers:

  • – 100% remote;
  • – Flexible working hours;
  • – Fair financial approach.

1. Subscribe to our Telegram bot to find a project of your preference

2. The following key benefits are offered to:

Software Developers
  • working in a team with experts in your technology
  • project selection based on personal preferences, when market conditions permit
  • financial transparency for your projects
  • financial reward consists of A+B+C, where:
    1. base salary
    2. productivity bonus up to 50% of project profit, calculated automatically
    3. team bonus determined by your team lead
  • work from home program
Technical Team Leaders

All Software Developer benefits, plus:

  • team leader bonus, 3.5% calculated from revenue, generated by your team
  • financial flexibility managing your team
  • ability to grow beyond one team into sub teams
Regional Sales Managers
  • 5% lifetime sales commission, accumulated over your deals
  • collaborative environment during deal negotiation (with technical teams)

3. Send us your CV for further details and latest offerings.

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