Data Science

Data Science provides the opportunity to extract valuable insights from complex datasets. Azati creates a strategy to turn big data into a competitive advantage.

Make smart

Azati automates and optimizes the decision-making process with qualified data analysis to help businesses make data-driven decisions in today’s competitive landscape.

Retain a competitive

Data Science allows companies to stand out from the competition and retain a competitive edge among companies that have already automated data processing.

Build data-driven

Azati organizes data into unified warehouses and helps companies to build data-oriented workflow powered by future-oriented applications and analytics.

Our Data Science focus


The predictive analytics is based on the statistical methods, data analysis, and probability theory, which are used to provide more information about the context and offer recommendations for further decisions.

Data Analysis

Except for a considerable amount of text, documents can contain various images, charts which have value for the business. Azati offers the business an effective solution to automate the extraction of complex data from various types of documents.

Text Analytics

The analysis of a considerable amount of textual data at a reasonable time with the growing volumes of information is becoming almost impossible. Azati created several tools for text structurization or entity recognition

Data Science Brings

Optimized supply
chain management

Azati provides innovative data science solutions and tools that allow small businesses and huge corporations enter new markets, optimize supply chain performance and effectively manage their risks and opportunities.

customer experience

The idea to analyze the customer’s digital experience is not new. Azati models the way how the customers behave and determines what the user might need in certain situations to provide extensive recommendations.

Lead and Customer

Data science minimizes human involvement in the process of lead and customer scoring. Automated algorithms calculate the probability of a deal by analyzing major and minor characteristics and factors that can affect sales performance.

Predicted customer behavior

It is essential for a modern business to understand the behavior of the client in continually changing conditions. If we know how the customer acts, we can create personalized marketing strategies and increase sales effectiveness.

Data Science Tools


Why Azati

Niche expertise

Business analysts and engineers go in-depth while researching the solution. Such an approach helps us to gain off-hand experience and unique knowledge in various industries.

Best-In-Class R&D

Azati often hires professionals with scientific and academic backgrounds to share their in-depth technical knowledge and bring a new vision to the development of new technologies.


If the existing application is not built in an optimal way, we recommend alternative solutions that may improve the solution without disrupting the existing application infrastructure.

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Azati provides a wide range of data-related services including big data management, warehousing, visualization and analytics.

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