Middle Python Developer

Azati is looking for a Middle Python Developer for the curent and future projects.



  • Understanding OOP, SOLID and design patterns;
  • Solid knowledge of Python 3 standard library, data structures and best practices;
  • Understanding and applying advanced Python features, such as generators, context managers, properties, decorators, etc.;
  • Experience with unit-testing (unittest/pytest), TDD;
  • Experience with relational databases, ORM frameworks (SQLAlchemy/Django ORM), good knowledge of SQL;
  • Experience with client-server architecture, web frameworks, RESTful APIs (using Django/Flask/FastAPI), Swagger UI;
  • Basic knowledge of Docker;
  • Writing well-structured readable and documented code consistent with PEP 8 style guide;
  • Confident usage of development and debugging tools, Git, issue trackers.


Why Choose Azati:

Azati is a team of professionals who are always open to new experiences and challenges.
We are happy to invite a motivated employee who contributes to the company's growth.

Azati offers:

  • Flexible work schedule;
  • Remote work from any point of the world or office;
  • Personal bonus program;
  • Сorporate discount program;
  • Social package – medical & family care;
  • Foreign languages courses;
  • Tuition Reimbursement.

Our employees often say that Azati has a soul. The company is well-known for its friendly atmosphere, respectful relationships within the team and an individual approach to each employee.

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