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Azati worked with various projects ranging from algorithms improvement to the development of custom solutions entirely from scratch.

Extract Process Optimization

01. Service Level

Extract Process


While extracting information from large databases or complex SQL datastores, it is quite challenging and time-consuming to process all the records correctly. Even a small malfunction in the processing algorithms can lead to inaccurate results.

The client turned to Azati to eliminate problems related to the low-performance of the data extraction process.


To detect where the algorithms slow down, our engineers have been monitoring the system performance for a couple of weeks. After an in-depth analysis, our engineers revealed a group of SQL queries with similar behavior and functionality.

Azati minimized the number of read-write operations, optimized SQL queries, reduced the number of bottlenecks, and speeded up data extraction processes.

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Electronic Insurance Form Submission

02. Service Level

Electronic Insurance Form


Every day the customer received thousands of applications by fax, mail, and phone. Several specialists collected and processed these applications manually. Besides, the forms contained redundant fields, and it took additional time to extract valuable information.

The process was extremely costly, resource-intensive, and time-consuming. The customer asked Azati to improve the situation and build a tool for electronic form submission.


Azati developed a web application to automate the application management process: initial form submission, missing information gathering process, the process of decision making, and insurance quote acceptance process.

Data collection and classification became available to users 24/7, and the level of data security had also increased.

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Service Level

Insurance Self-service Portal

01. Tailored Solutions

Insurance Self-service Portal


The customer cares about its clients, so he wanted Azati to build a custom self-service portal containing a wide range of online services: policy management system, billing, and payments, applications and quotes, claims, etc.

This application would become a starting point for people seeking medical insurance, and a place for timely support to a wide range of policyholders.


The software enables end consumers to have full visibility and secure control of their policy details, billing, and payments, applications, and quotes, claims, relevant and time-sensitive product information – all without involving a customer service representative.

Azati successfully designed, developed from scratch, and delivered a custom portal, which included a handy web interface and accessible mobile application.

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Insurance Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

02. Tailored Solutions

ETL Process Enhancement


The client figured out that one of the primary infrastructure bottlenecks is poor SQL performance. Azati was asked to investigate the problem, provide a brief description and recommendations on how the situation can be improved.

As the client is a leading medical insurance provider, the general ETL workflow was complicated enough, as the algorithms collected data from various sources.


The team conducted a root cause analysis of the issue, which showed that the system statistics weren’t valid and did not represent the real performance of the system. Our developers completely reengineered the ETL processes.

As a result, the number of total direct path read events decreased twice. Therefore, some of the bottleneck processes speeded up manifold – from 3 hours run time on average to 10-15 minutes.

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Insurance Custom CRM and MDM Implementation

03. Tailored Solutions

for Health Insurance Corporation


It is quite a widespread issue when the existing solution is not able to cover all the needs and fully satisfy the user. The majority of applications are called to eliminate only narrowly targeted challenges.

Complex tasks require complex solutions, so our customer wanted us to create custom platform, which included both MDM and CRM features.


The customer hired Azati for CRM consulting, software development, and system integration. Our team took part in requirements gathering, specification writing, and eventually developing and testing the CRM, importing the consolidated customer and prospect data.

Azati developed a long-term CRM strategy, involving all employees to use a CRM tool for any customer interaction, including direct contact and marketing campaigns.

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Insurance Tailored Solutions

Policy Application Decision Assistant

01. Research & Development

Policy Application
Decision Assistant


Underwriters are busy today, as it is necessary to analyze many factors to understand which risks to accept and under what conditions. The decision-making is a relatively complicated and time-consuming process in Insurance.

Our customer wanted us to build a prototype of the application that can automate the basic work done by underwriters and provide a level of certainty about what risks to accept.


Our engineers designed a prototype of the solution powered by advanced ML models. This concept is created using the most suitable approach for overcoming problems associated with the decision-making process.

The concept allowed the customer to increase the quantitative indicators and productivity of the underwriters.

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