Artificial Intelligence

Conversational AI Platform is a powerful solution for chatbot development created by Azati. Make your customer interaction completely automated.


01. Live Chat

The conversational platform allows Azati to build highly automated live chats empowered by artificial intelligence. The main idea of the solution is to simplify interaction with the customers by providing answers according to a list of predefined intents and frequently asked questions.


02. Intent mapping


While chatting with a visitor, a human operator can manually determine new intent and add several variants of answers, which later used by a system to answer similar messages automatically. Such an approach helps to tailor the conversational platform to any industry or purpose.

03. Version Control

Machine learning extracts all the entities from the text string and correlates these entities to the existing intents to find the best suiting answer. If a customer is not satisfied with the quality of automated answers, it is easy to manually manage a list of intents and answers, or roll back to a previous versions.



Easy Integration

It is easy to integrate the solution into any existing platform: a messenger, website, enterprise helpdesk, or something else. Azati develops custom connectors to interact with 3rd-party applications and APIs.

Flexible Pricing Model

There is no fixed price for using the platform. The final cost starts from zero and may vary according to many factors: the volume of processed messages, team involvement, integration scenarios, custom features, etc.

Self-hosted Instance

Azati understands the importance of data privacy and security for the enterprise. It is possible to deploy the instance of the platform to a corporate server to make it work without an internet connection as a self-hosted solution.

GDPR Compliance

Our team respects the laws of the European Union, so the solution does not collect extra-data, and does not share any personal details with third-party companies. Also, all the data-processing servers are located in the EU.

Ease Of Use

The platform has a user-friendly interface, even for a complete beginner, it takes less than 5 minutes to get into the workflow. No time or additional personnel training required to figure out how the solution works.

White Label

Azati provides access to specific services for the generation of canned answers, entities detection, connectors, web interface, etc. If you want to integrate some of the technologies into other applications, please contact us.

How The Platform Works

Message Analysis

User sends a message to the conversational agent (livechat or chatbot), it passes a message to the platform which extracts entities from the text. The platform also analyzes how the entities are related to each other.

Intent Definition

According to the set of entities the platform defined several intents. Intents help algorithms understand what chatbot is expected to do: perform a specific action, run a script, answer a question, ask for human help, and so on.

Response Selection

After the platform defines the right intent, it selects a response from the list of corresponding answers and runs additional actions and scripts in the background if needed.


Why should I give a shot to Conversational AI Platform?

There are a large number of various solutions for chatbot development on the market but the majority of them lack one critical feature – there is no possibility to tailor them to customer needs, since almost all chatbots have predefined templates which can’t be edited. Conversational AI Platform allows its users to train a bot using pre-defined templates or completely from scratch matching all particular business needs and requirements.

How can I manage intents?

The operator can manually analyze the most popular requests and remap existing intents. To map new intents human operator types the text manually or selects one of the previous messages, after sets up appropriate answers and side scripts. This process can be performed on the go without distracting from the dialog.

What happens when a solution cannot find the answer?

Sometimes the platform doubts what answer to select: if there are several intents or its confidence level does not meet the threshold (which operator can vary). There are two variants of the further actions: the platform chooses the intent with the highest confidence level, or the visitor receives a customizable message that the chatbot can’t recognize the text and asks for a retype.


Today chatbots in the real estate industry revolutionized the way people sell, buy or rent. All the benefits of chatbots are described in one simple word – automation. Сhatbot integration simplifies the monotonous routine of advising and communication with a potential client.

Chatbots help Real Estate:

Speed up the access to the available property information

With the help of chatbots the potential customers are able to check all available objects that are for sale or for rent. They receive an answer to all requests instantly 24/7.

Simplify the registration process

At the end of the dialogue with the site visitor, the chatbot clarifies information about a particular object and registers a potential client to view a house or apartment.

Accelerates the notifications delivery

If you have stocks, special promotions or new offers, a chatbot is the fastests and reliable tool for delivering the information to potential customers.

It’s easy for a bot to sell goods, but when it comes to services, there are many different nuances. Customers want to instantly access their policy details, report a claim, choose optimal coverage, renew the policy, make policy adjustments, and pay for invoices. Chatbots are ready to help.

Chatbots help Insurance:

Optimize the work of insurance agents

Artificial intelligence allows well-programmed bots to recognize patterns and repeat related actions when certain words, phrases, or other stimuli are recognized.

Increase customer awareness

Chatbots for insurance inform customers about how some processes work, compare and offer optimal policies from several agents based on the customer profile.

Speed up claim processing

Chatbots can help clients to lodge a claim. Customers won’t need to call the company in order to file a claim, instead they can do it through the bot.

Via chatbot users check recent transactions, state of account, manage notifications, choose a saving plan or personalized financial product. In addition, bots increase the speed and quality of the organization’s service by answering customer questions around the clock.

Chatbots help Finance:

Enhance customer support service

Almost all messages to bank support are similar and can be defined into many intents. The chatbot handles such repetitive requests no worse than a person.

Facilitating core banking activities

Advanced chatbots are able to process core banking operations such as providing transaction history or data about client card accounts and even perform simple payments.

Gather necessary information

Integrating chatbots on the websites or mobile banking applications, employees can get more specific information from customers that can help them improve their services.

The platform helps to showcase products, provide targeted offers, allow customers to order the goods instantly, collect details of the order like color and size, and upsell of complementary items.

Chatbots help E-commerce:

Boots online sales

Chatbots simplify product selection and provide additional information about stocks and discounts. Integrate the chatbot with the product catalog to help customers find necessary goods.

Improve customer support service

Use the platform to support the customers in the distribution of relevant information, cost control, order status, estimated delivery time and much more.

Manage sales process

Platform serves as a guide for the customers, providing trading offers. Integrate your chatbot with CRM and drive new trade leads directly into your sales process.

Chatbots help doctors to automate repetitive actions, which take a lot of time and energy, but do not require significant mental effort or decision making: appointment and consultation scheduling, basic customer interaction, sending alerts and notifications for prescription refills.

Chatbots help Healthcare:

Offer solutions for simple medical issues

The AI platform is able to provide medical advice according to specific symptoms and a medical history, in contrast to a scripted collection of medical information, such as WebMD.

Provide patient anonymity

It is often easier for people to tell a faceless bot about their problem than a real doctor. Chats are also important in countries where specific health problems or medications are taboo.

Schedule appointments

In the context of healthcare, AI Platform can allow users to schedule doctor’s appointments easily.

Book makeover appointments in stores, give product recommendations and beauty tutorials – conversational agents cope with that easily. The bot looks for the most suitable time within the calendar of the customer and makeup artist too.

Chatbots help Beauty and fashion:

Manage information delivery

With chatbots the customers are able to instantly receive answers about prices, services or information about employees. This channel of interaction is becoming increasingly preferable and popular.

Automate booking services

Customers can book appointments and choose the proper specialist almost instantly. All these functions are available inside the messenger, there is no need to call, wait, download and install third-party applications.

Optimize consulting services

The virtual assistant can provide user support answering on FAQ. Unlike human operators, chatbots are available at any time and day.

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