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BI and DWH Services for Telecommunication Provider

Since 2017 Azati has helped a well-known telecom provider to deal with various challenges related to big data management, data science, business intelligence, data warehousing, and ETL process optimization.


The Customer is one of the leading US entertaining companies that owns and operates several cable channels, digital platforms, a streaming service, and has a vast network of well-known sub-brands. For over thirty years, our Customer is providing high-quality content and entertaining services to the viewers.

With the rapid growth of digital services and online analytics, it became essential to understand the target audience: who they are, their age, gender, location, social connections, hobbies and passions.

Various services collect terabytes of information about all the aspects of our life both online and offline. The data are used by many companies for marketing purposes to improve the quality of their services and tailor them to the target audience. The entertainment industry is one of the domains that benefits from the data most.

Big data management allows telecom companies to plan marketing activities, shoot better content, find best release dates, reveal insights, decrease customer churn rate, predict audience interests, and etc.

For three years, Azati is being involved in numerous activities related to data management and business intelligence. We are happy to say that our team helps to deliver a truly unique and outstanding experience to the viewers.

Primary Responsibilities
of Azati:

  • Build and deliver Reporting and Querying Software
  • Online Analytical Processing
  • Creating Interactive Dashboards
  • Data Mining and Cleansing
  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Data Warehousing
  • ETL Process Enhancement

We helped to deliver

Audience Planning Platform

Azati helped the Customer to create a custom audience planning platform with a feature-rich web interface. The solution uses the massive datasets provided by Nielsen, Prism Intelligence, Claritas, and 3rd parties to plan audiences both for TV ads and digital marketing campaigns.

While traditional television ads mostly rely on historical demographic data like sex and age to maximize impressions, the solution allows users to plan audience segments using about 100 various options, including demographic data, interests, location, income, behavior, and many others. The solution’s primary purpose is to simplify audience planning and make the experience similar to the one provided by Facebook and Google.

The platform for Audience Buying and
Advanced Targeting

The team helped to create a solution that allows buying target audience segments in a quick time. The platform is powered by machine learning and sophisticated data-management techniques that pull audience data from many sources and let users plan, manage ad buys through a unified interface.

The main idea of this solution is to create a workflow where a publisher selects the audience, provides ads creatives, plans a schedule, creates a marketing campaign, and submits it to the manager. The manager could approve or reject the campaign pointing to some moments that require additional work.

Reporting Software for VOD (Video-On-Demand)

Azati assisted in developing the business intelligence solution for the analysis of the primary metrics of subscription video. The solution analyses many parameters like Impressions, Play Rate, Click-through Rate, Engagement, Churn, Acquisition, Retention, etc.

The main idea of this solution is to find the best time and placements for new content releases to maximize audience coverage.

Value for the Customer

The solutions help the Customer to minimize human involvement in marketing analytics. The main idea standing behind all the work is to understand the best time to release new content and help the advertisers reach the right audience with the right message. Usually, this work is traditionally carried out manually by the data analysts, which provide the necessary information to the marketing department.

As the amounts of data are growing every year, it becomes more challenging to handle colossal quantities of information for the analysis team – the workflow requires automation. This is the main reason why the Customer determines and allocates budget for the research and development program related to business intelligence and data warehousing.

Azati is involved in a considerable part of the R&D program, as the team helps to deliver several products that are admired both by the investors, regular employers, and advertisers.

There are multiple benefits of R&D program for the Customer:

#1: Cost and Time Saving

It is costly to extract and process big data manually, so it is easier to create small scripts that automate repetitive actions instead of doing everything by hand in Excel. These scripts are later combined into solutions with pretty impressive user interfaces.

#2: Ease of Access and Maintenance

Before Azati involved in the project, it was necessary to make many requests to multiple data sources to get complete information. Now the data is located in centralized storage and can be easily accessed by the employers and trusted third-parties any time.

#3: Stock Price Management

The R&D program increases the stock market price of the company. It delivers the applications that revolutionize the industry by bringing new technologies and ways to handle big data and making traditional TV marketing more performance-driven.

#4: Public Relations Boost

The usage and development of cutting-edge technologies help the Customer to attract the talents to join the development team.

Technology Stack



BI models and data management algorithms created by Azati efferently process more than 80 terabytes of data every day. The products that Azati helped to develop simplify marketing workflow, and make it possible to get rid of routine operations and provide many other business benefits.

The Customer is fully satisfied with the outcomes of our cooperation. BI services and workflows work seamlessly and help to deliver expectational results. Last year the team significantly increased its scope of work and involved more people in product development.

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