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HRM & CRM System for Corporate Needs


2017 till now | Web Portal, HRMS,CRM, SPA


Сreating a software tool that integrates components of both Human Resource Management and CRM into a single one, aimed at increasing effectiveness of human resources management by allowing flexibility and transparency.


The developed system is our in-house solution.

Founded in 2001, Azati Corporation is an established provider of effective and innovative enterprise software solution in a diverse set of industries, including Insurance, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Media & Entetrtainment, Education, e-Commerce and Finance.


Previously, we used several tracking, HRM and CRM systems within our company. However, as Azati company was steadily growing, using disparate tools resulted in lack of transparency and coordination. We realized the need for “all-in-one”, flexible and scalable software solution.


The whole system is a single-point application and consists of independent interconnected functional components. Because of its customizable nature, it can be adopted by other organizations for similar needs.

Our system allows to:

  • add, edit, and delete assignments in seconds;
  • assign employees to tasks in advance;
  • analyze employees’ workload;
  • store CVs of personnel in one place;
  • share employees’ profiles with clients, thus optimizing recruiting process;
  • approve employees’ requests for time-offs;
  • get analytical information on human resources and the company performance;
  • visualize data via charts and diagrams.

and many more.


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