AI Applications

Azati knows how to overcome a wide range of different data-related challenges to develop top-notch solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Step #1

Share your idea

To start building something impressive, the team wants the customers to share all the necessary information about the idea of a project. The customer should provide an accurate description of the product: what features should be included and what challenges the application should solve.

If the team finds the client’s idea perspective and challenging, and the data for model training is relevant, we can offer free MVP development. Otherwise, we can offer MVP development at a reasonable price in the shortest possible time.

Azati had created a bunch of prototypes for such industries as bioinformatics, entertainment, recruitment, stock trading, petroleum, e-commerce, finance, and etc.

Custom AI Step #1. Share your idea
Custom AI Step #2. MVP Development
Step #2

MVP Development

After the team receives the project description, business analysts define the final budget, deadlines, main activities, milestones, and workload. It is worth noticing that only the customer decides whenever the solution is ready. It means that we tune the MVP until it fully satisfies the customer as machine learning models sometimes require additional training.

Since the main objective of MVP development is to implement primary functionality and main features to test the hypothesis, the process doesn’t take much time and money. MVP allows the customers to conduct market research and determine the level of your idea’s importance and future perspectives.

Step #3

Feature enrichment

MVP helps our customers to understand if a product hits a market, but the product is not perfect and requires additional work and polishing. When the MVP testing provides positive results and the final decision about further enhancements is made – the customer defines what other features he needs.

It is possible to build a complex solution around the MVP. Azati easily scales the prototype in the cloud, creates a pretty and handy user interface, integrates the MVP into the existing infrastructure, or plugs it into the existing solutions.

There may be thousands of options if a customer wants to create a competitive product to match the fast-growing market.

Step #3. Feature enrichment
Step #4. SLA & Support Agreement
Step #4

SLA & Support Agreement

After the development is complete, the team usually continues product maintenance to help the customer keep pace with fast-growing technological progress. Some solutions require constant monitoring and model tuning.

The team is open to discuss the issues about software performance and calculate the cost of continuous support, speed optimization, version update or new datasets integration, etc.

Azati aims to offer competitive agreements affordable for small businesses and compelling for huge enterprises. The final costs may depend on several factors and vary according to our responsibilities and the set of enhancements. We are open to any partnerships.

Why Azati?


We create high-technology prototypes with truly impressive machine learning techniques to solve different business and data-related challenges efficiently.


The more relevant data is provided, the more accurate the model will be. Our Data Scientists help our customers to prepare the data in a necessary way.


Ease of communication and understanding of the work principles is all about Azati. We build transparent workflow and help the clients to understand how the application functions under the hood.

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