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2016 till now


An integrated Customer Relationships Management system (CRM) that tocuses on the customer experience through improved customer engagement across marketing, sales, customer service, e-commerce and all other customer-facing channels has been implemented. Master Data Management (MDM) has been a critical success factor in constructing optimal customer relationship management (CRM) processes.


The US national leader in customized insurance, claims and patient safety & risk solutions for physicians, surgeons, dentists and other healthcare professionals, as well as hospitals, senior care and other healthcare facilities (the company name is closed by a non-disclosure agreement).


As a result of IT infrastructure growth over the recent years, different company departments developed different software tools, accumulating various kinds of policyholder and prospect customer data, causing this data to be spread across multiple non- related databases, with no reliable single source of customer information, The data collected from different sources had to be manually processed, synchronized, cleaned up from duplicates, in order to run marketing campaigns and generate pipeline and forecasting reports – all manually or semi-manually, in a non-transparent manner, taking sizable amount of time for data consolidation. The company realized the need to store and maintain the current and prospect customer data in one place, and have all departments use it as their only source of customer data.


The company developed long-term CRM strategy, involving all employees to use a CRM tool for any customer interaction, including direct contact and marketing campaigns. Azati was hired for CRM consulting,software development and system integration – and took part in requirements gathering, specification writing, and eventually developing and testing the CRM tool, importing the consolidated customer and prospect data and launching the CRM tool. The CRM tool itself was integrated with other company-wide software components, such as the policy management system and the document management system. Additionally, Azati automated the process of importing quarterly updates from a 3rd party provider of prospective customer data, automated the process of equal distribution of the leads among the direct sales representatives, and developed many more compary-specific features around such CRM entities as accounts, contacts, events (corporate and individual calendars), opportunities, forecasts, action plans, client tickets, campaigns (with highly customized process of building target lists), documents, automated reports and workflow automation.


Among the obvious benefits of getting a reliable single source of current and prospect customer related information, providing better and more personalized customer service, the new CRM tool allowed the company to increase the efficiency of sales, marketing and support teams by aligning the company major business processes in one system, enforcing the employees to follow company- wide best practices and standards. With the various real-time metrics built in the tool, performance hot spots and bottlenecks became quicker identified and addressed in a timely manner preventing performance issues and shortening the sales cycles, The quality of the customer database allowed the company to measurably improve the effectiveness of targeted marketing campaigns, increasing both new business conversion and current customer retention rates.

With the CRM tool launch, several of the previously used customer- data related tools were shut down, as they were entirely covered by the new CRM tool, which allowed the company to reduce the costs on user training and software licensing. One of the replaced components was the expensive School CRM, which are allowed the company to reduce the annual software licensing costs by a 6-digit number.

This was an essential tool for internal use, so positive user feedback was more important than ever. The product was well-received and resulted in a boost to productivity and marketing campaigns, As a result, we became go-to development partner and helped them deliver new projects through access to a dedicated team.
From the initial launch and up to today, Azati has been gradually enhancing the CRM tool functionality, adding more features requested by the end- users to speed up their work and improve their efficiency


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